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One Hundred Year Ago Today
May 21, 2020, 11:33 am
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And another impressive victory for Hampshire, after a difficult start (thanks to ACS)

HAMPSHIRE 176 (Livsey 41*, Preece 4-38) and 433 (Mead 125, Barrett 79, JG Greig 69, Livsey 50*; GGF Greig 4-119). 

WORCESTERSHIRE 263 (Jewell 110, Newman 6-91) and 126 (Jewell 41; Kennedy 6-44, Newman 3-37). 

Hampshire won by 220 runs.


Kennedy Bowls Worcestershire to Defeat


Any hope Worcestershire may have had of chasing down a target disappeared when Walter Livsey and Frank Ryan (17) added another 65 runs to Hampshire’s total this morning in only 40 minutes, making the home side’s target into 347.  The wicket was rather worn, but most of the Worcestershire batsmen showed little spirit against the fine bowling of Alex Kennedy and Jack Newman.  The exception was Major Arthur Jewell, who again scored more than twice as many runs in his team’s innings as the next-best player; in fact, the next best individual scores were 10, by Cecil Turner and Bill Taylor, who was not out.  It was a sad experience for Worcestershire after having such a good first day.


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A couple of nice pieces on Mike Vimpany’s ever excellent site that might be of interest.

The first is marking twenty years of Kevan on Radio Solent

The second is a tribute to former scorer Tony Weld who recently passed away at the age of ninety five.

Comment by James

I must confess I’m disappointed in the piece about Kevan James. Back in 2013 the Hospital Broadcasting team worked in the room alongside him in the ‘Ingleby’ stand. The BBC’s ball-by-ball had only then been running for a couple of years and he was finding it quite demanding, so during a Cage Cricket event in Portsmouth he asked me if some of our team would help. I said I thought we’d be delighted and so, over the past six years Ken, Roger, Jeff and I have have put in a lot of hours commentating and providing ‘stats’ etc – and all of it voluntary. I’ m sad therefore to read that Emily (who I like and get on with very well) was brought in to “freshen it up and balance it out,” while none of us warrant any mention at all. Maybe I should take the hint if things ever get back to normal?

Comment by pompeypop

Maybe it was meant thinking of his own age??

This ‘unrefreshed’ (! and :)) listener has appreciated the informed volunteers who compare decently with the pros from elsewhere. Kevan’s ‘military medium’ at the mic balanced by those doing a change of tone and variation in the flight of what is said.

Comment by stephenfh

I can see your point Dave but I notice the article was written by Alex Smith (from Reporters Network according to our official website) and wonder if Kevan made mention of the HB team but it didn’t make the final cut?

Comment by James

Re Tony Weld, the Hants website mentioned that he watched Hampshire during the 1930s. Did he ever talk to you about those times Dave? His recollections would have been fascinating.

Comment by Ian White

Yes he did, I wrote about it when he retired in the 2014(?) Handbook and also on the Website tribute this week. If you don’t have the handbook I could put it here. He didn’t say lots but I recall that he saw all the greats (Mead, Kennedy, Tennyson – and the debut of John Manners).

Comment by pompeypop

Thanks for the reminder. Have now found the article in the 2015 Handbook.

Comment by Ian White

I can’t reply directly to James (out of replies) but while I understand that comment, Alex is at every game, and spends a good deal of time on the Commentary gantry. He’s often asking me for information about records etc. so he’s familiar with me and the Hospital guys – and the quotes about “freshening up” etc come straight from Kevan. Maybe I’m being over sensitive. I’ll shut up now.

Comment by pompeypop

Fair enough Dave I wasn’t familiar with Alex.

Comment by James

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