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In a Spin
February 24, 2021, 10:55 am
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This is only the second Day/Night Test ever played in India

In the first (v Bangladesh) only one of the 28 wickets fell to spin

This morning, before lunch, three have gone to spin and one to pace.

PS Later? ‘No Comment’

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A stat from the BBC: This is the first time England have been bowled out for under 200 in four consecutive innings since the 1909 Ashes. CB Fry – newly arrived at Hampshire played in one of those matches (two innings).

Comment by pompeypop

The over rate was appalling all day. Even allowing three (two?) overs for the changeover they managed to bowl just 85 overs in a day extended by half-an-hour (six-and-a-half hours) – and 48 of those overs were spin!

Comment by pompeypop

To be fair Dave if we had a decent over rate it in this game it would all be over!

Comment by James

Too true! Not sure right now (Eng 43-3) if it’s tragedy or farce!

Comment by pompeypop

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