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If this Test was in the Championship
February 25, 2021, 12:23 pm
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(Think Taunton, September 2019)

There would be a points fine – perhaps in this case imposing the suspended fine from the previous match.

There’s no question that the Indian spinners have exploited the surface brilliantly but it is perhaps in equal parts farce and tragedy – and once again we won’t get five (four, three?) days of cricket

While the ECB can impose sanctions on counties because they control the purse strings, no one will dare to take action against India. But a points fine would jeopardise their chances of reaching the World Test Championship.

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England’s lowest-ever total v India and I think the first time they have been dismissed for less than 200 in five consecutive innings (?). 17 wickets fell in less than two sessions on Day Two!

Comment by pompeypop

Here’s an interesting lunchtime stat from BBC: “If India score the 49 they need in under 12.4 overs (including the two already bowled), this will be the shortest completed Test since the Second World War”.

Comment by pompeypop

They did (7.4 overs) so it was. Bonkers!

(Incidentally apparently England can’t now qualify for the World Test Final!!)

Comment by pompeypop

I wonder how much Channel 4 and their advertisers invested in the past two Tests – and how much they will demand in compensation for the loss of so many days.

Comment by pompeypop

that was not enjoyable. i am at a loss here, as surely it will kill test cricket?

Comment by Bill Seager

It certainly won’t help it Bill – especially given the free-to-air broadcast.

Comment by pompeypop

Chris Tremlett tweet: “Well played India, the better side in this game but that was some of the worst test cricket I’ve ever seen”.

Comment by pompeypop

I was not impressed with the umpiring decisions, too many came back umpires call, which means they were guessing? also even with the chance to look at the actions with there were some strange decisions. It left both teams perplexed. All in all, I feel cheated of my cricket.

Comment by Bill Seager

I think the umpiring in this series has been very good. Maybe some of the DRS review umpiring has been a bit off.
Your point about Umpire’s call does not mean the umpires were guessing. DRS was introduced to try and catch those decisions that umpires get wrong. I would argue that it has helped umpires get more decisions correct. As the technology on LBWs is a prediction on where the ball might have gone after it hit the pad, it cannot be relied on 100% – hence if less than half the ball is hitting the stumps, they go back to the umpire’s original decision – which was not a guess.

Comment by Dave Pople

Day/night test cricket was supposed to help viewer numbers by giving those that work an opportunity to attend/watch on tv. So far it has fallen very short of that aim & in fact is probably losing viewers instead. I now have a three day weekend with lovely sunshine forecast that I had planned on spending in the garden listening to the match (not that I am enjoying TalkSport coverage that much – except for Mark Nicholas). Guess I’ll just have to listen to the birds enjoying the arrival of Spring.

Comment by joster69

No doubt at all that it’s even more disappointing for those who (a) like JO, work but have weekends free and (b) don’t have Sky as an alternative for most series.

Apparently any sanction can only be aimed at the ground not the team – and there must be little chance of that happening with a brand new stadium of that size so I imagine they’ll get away with it.

Comment by pompeypop

Jonathan Agnew on BBC

“I mentioned last week that the International Cricket Council (ICC) should act and take points off teams in the World Test Championship if pitches are prepared that are not going to last. But the ICC seems to be sitting on its hands and not doing anything”.

Incidentally the match lasted 140 overs. In 1963 Hampshire’s first-ever one-day knock-out cup match went into the 130th over.

Comment by pompeypop

In other news Fidel is back in the West Indies squad for the T20 against Sri Lanka…….

Comment by joster69

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