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Fidel & James
February 27, 2021, 7:52 am
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Thanks to Jo for alerting us to Fidel’s inclusion in the West Indies T20 squad – who said it was a game for young men? In five seasons with Hampshire he played in just 11 matches in the T20, although he did play for Warwickshire on loan in 2019

Speaking of young men, two weeks from his 30th birthday James Vince is in fine form in the short (but no longer shortest) form. In Australia and Pakistan his most recent scores have been 46, 98*, 95, 16 and 84. He made ten T20 scores of 80(+) in his first 231 innings and has added three more in his last four innings. On the other hand, he hasn’t played any first-class cricket for almost 18 months.

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Given his current T20 form and what he mit have got for playing in the IPL I have to take my hat off to him for deciding to concentrate of preparing for the county season. Well done James.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Good to seeJames doing so well but it is rather frightening to see no first class cricket for 18 months.
If I could return to the farce of a test match I see that England are planning a complaint.I would suggest we involve the support of Australia to give it more credence-after all they have lost out on the world test final.Given India’s influence on the ICC I doubt protests will get anywhere but at least it will put down a marker.I hope that Lords prepare a green pitch which will negate their spinners.Having said all that our batsmen should have done better.Expect a flat,slow pitch for the final test.

Comment by Brian Osman

I think the test final is being played closer to home so it’ll be prepared by Simon Lee unless the ICC take control (interfere)

Comment by joster69

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