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March 12, 2021, 7:56 am
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I’ve just had sight of a letter from the Cricket Writers Club which alerts us to the fact that the ECB is cutting its funding of reporters at county games. Below are the first two paragraphs – there is more if you are interested.

It follows the significant cuts in the number of local newspaper reporters who now attend games.

“The Cricket Writers’ Club is deeply concerned about cuts to the ECB Reporters’ Network, which will see local, regional and national media outlets lose significant provision of domestic men’s and women’s cricket coverage across digital and non-digital platforms in 2021.

CWC believes an estimated 70% reduction in coverage and a requirement for reporters to cover matches remotely will severely impact the integrity of the reportage, the visibility of domestic cricket outside of the Hundred, and diminish the profile of players and clubs to their supporter base and commercial partners”.


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Are they trying to kill off all interest in county cricket? Surely “one size doesn’t fit all”? The fun in reading the reports is in the variety and language used to describe these matches. Dull thinking indeed, but somebody has thought about trying to save money? Enlighten me please!

Comment by Bill Seager

I think it can be answered in one sentence Bill – The ECB have no interest in County Cricket.

Comment by James

Having enjoyed newspaper coverage of county cricket since childhood I find this development perplexing and sad. It would be interesting to know Hampshire’s view. However, given the different media through which young people receive information nowadays are the authorities perhaps confident that interest can be sustained through these platforms? Ironically the coverage of Hampshire in the Portsmouth News, thanks to Simon Carter, has recently been more extensive than ever, but one wonders how long this will last.

Comment by Ian White

Some reporting was good enough to be looked at, again and again. I don’t know how long one is able to retrieve reports digitally once the actual date of a game has been forgotten. It may be condensed to just scorecards with the result and nothing else will survive? Some reporting I kept for years as cuttings. Good writing stands out alongside and complimenting the games. (But I am preaching to the wrong people here).

Comment by Bill Seager

You are Bill but no harm in confirming what most of us think and feel. It’s all very perplexing and sad.

I’d like to add that at Hampshire we have about seventy years of (mostly) press reports in Scrapbooks kept by various people, including Desmond Eagar (and me) and written by Arlott, Swanton, Martin-Jenkins, Woodcock etc etc..

Who will paste up anonymous website reports in the future I wonder?

Comment by pompeypop

I wonder how much money they are saving.
Surely a mere drop in the vast ocean of Harrison’s salary and the 100 “competition”?

Comment by henry thompson

Well you know the old saying Henry – Look after the pennies and the CEO will look after his pounds!

Comment by James

Quite right Henry – and, as ever, very good James!!

Comment by pompeypop

As long as the newspapers keep us informed of all the important events going on in the world, such as a family dispute, celebrity gossip, TV soap updates and the average wage of a premiership footballer, we can’t expect the media have the time or inclination to cover county cricket. Seriously, the reduction in reporting of county cricket matches is yet another small nail in the county cricket coffin, I tend to think.

Comment by Paul VInce.

By comparison with reports from those not at the ground, I wonder a bit about how apart journalists are in their media centres …. just how different the nature of reporting is now from when Alan Gibson used to write his life pieces around the game.

Comment by stephenfh

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