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Pick a Winner
March 18, 2021, 7:12 am
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(Pick eleven)

Nice spot by the ghostly figure of Dmashala in a Comment on the previous post which I think warrants a post of its own – and anyway, it might stop me wittering on about today’s T20 …

Two thoughts about it; it says “favourite” rather than best and I reckon the toughest choice is probably wicketkeeper (assuming it’s an XI for proper cricket). One obvious option ain’t there …


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Plus, Gordon Greenidge grew up in Reading and qualified for England in 1970 but is *overseas. Nic Pothas who played for South Africa and arrived fully formed, isn’t?

Comment by pompeypop

Presumably this reflects their playing status at the end of their careers as Gordon became an overseas player and Nic became English (lucky chap?) although he was never considered an overseas player because of his European roots.

But don’t get me started on sporting nationalities!

Comment by James

Hah! sure. Also Roy Marshall who played Tests for West Indies before he came to Hampshire. Still it’s all a bit hypothetical and fun in this context – simply that any greatest Hampshire side ever would start with Richards and Greenidge and include Malcolm.

Comment by pompeypop

I think Hampshire will suffer more than most from that two overseas players qualification. The rule should really be something like ‘only two (or one) overseas established test stars’.

Of players who would be good candidates for a HCCC XI, Greenidge of course reversed the usual route and played for Hampshire- West Indies-Barbados in that order. He’s about as home produced as Hobbs for Surrey, Hutton for Yorkshire or Gooch for Essex and as big a part of our team’s history

Andy Roberts too, hadn’t played any test when he first played for Hampshire. Malcolm Marshall a few but only due to the Packer bans.

Only Barry Richards and Shane Warne could be said to be established test players – BAR after only four tests

I won’t fill the Cricketer thing because that rule will mean an unrepresentative Hampshire team will be published -but for what it’s worth, mine – without the restrictions would be

Richards, Greenidge, Marshall R, Mead, Smith R, Pothas, Marshall M, Warne (capt), Kennedy, Shackleton, Roberts

I think the wicket keeper choice is actually clear cut for me Dave – Pothas is easily the best on the wicket keeper/batsman scale – averaging over 43, and is high up on the dismissals per match measure so was no slouch behind the stumps

I’d be interested to hear other peoples teams

Comment by Keith Fray

My team would be exactly the same as Keith’s except I would have Sainsbury instead of Warne on the basis that although Warne had a tremendous influence as captain I often (maybe unfairly) expected more from his bowling for us. (Probably because of what Mushtaq was doing for Sussex at the same time).

Comment by James

Mine was similar, but with George Brown as w/k (who had to be a write in). He then strengthened the batting and could bowl as well! I too had PJS rather than Warne (I think)

Comment by dmashala

Me too! George Brown for sure. Since Robin Smith once ‘kept’ in a Test, he could take over if George needed to bowl and George is the only Hampshire keeper ever to play for England. I played by the rules which meant picking Richards and Malcolm Marshall so no Greenidge and no Warne (Sainsbury). My four bowlers were Shackleton, Marshall, Kennedy and Newman (one of only three men to take 2,000 f/c wickets without a Test game). Somewhat sentimentally my fifth batsman was Jimmy Adams so a few ‘locals’.

Comment by pompeypop

Dave have you forgotten a England appearance as 12th man (sub) by Bobby Parks at Lords 🏏

Comment by John Cottrell

Some good comments – agree James that Warne’s bowling was a bit disappointing- but he’s certainly the best captain I can remember

If I had to play by the rules I’d choose Richards and Malcolm Marshall too. For Andy Roberts I’d have Butch White – there’s a lot to be said for serious pace at both ends with the new ball. Sainsbury for Warne – Newman and Llewellyn also options

And to replace Greenidge – George Brown, who can bat and bowl without any WK responsibilities. John Arlott’s writings about the four great professionals of his youth – Mead, Kennedy, Newman but especially Brown – are among the best of cricket writing. What a player he must have been

Comment by Keith Fray

I can’t reply directly to John C’s sharp observation – not forgotten John although strictly speaking he was 14th man I think, following Bob Taylor and one other (?). Was it Bill Athey? (Bruce French injured).

Comment by pompeypop

Quite right Dave. More info here

Comment by James

Thanks James.

Comment by pompeypop

I have only picked players I have actually seen play and I have stuck to the 2 overseas, so no Greenidge unfortunately.
Barry Richards
Chris Smith
John Crawley
Robin Smith
Roy Marshall
Trevor Jesty
Nic Pothas
Malcolm Marshall
Peter Sainsbury
Derek Shackleton
Butch White

Comment by Tigger Miles

I selected Barry and Gordon, so had to leave out Malcolm-ridiculous! Chose Butch White and Bob Cottam, who were omitted from The Cricketer list. Look at Bob’s average. He could also bowl off cutters if the pitch was receptive to spin.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Nobody’s mentioned a captain. I’ve always believed Richard Gilliat to have been the finest but the choice from the given men is not straightforward. If it’s Warne then you’re down to just one more overseas player. If it’s not, then neither Marshall R; Crawley or Smith R would be my pick.

Comment by pompeypop

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