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March 26, 2021, 1:43 pm
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1.45: Groundstaff doing a good clearing up job and Northants warming up – no sign of Hampshire. My bet is a 2pm start and Hampshire second innings.

But I know nothing (except it’s definitely colder now)

PS: There was of course little more – time only for Holland to ‘bag a pair’ and Gareth Berg to confirm he was the best medium-pacer on display. We should sign him. It’s more complex than this I know, but on the basis of (a) reputation and/or (b) performance in this match, Hampshire’s strongest side might be:

Weatherley; ANO1; Alsop; Vince; Northeast; Dawson; McManus; Currie; Abbott; (Abbas); ANO2

Abbas will play for sure, but (ANO1) Weatherley’s opening partner? I guess Holland will get another chance next week, and I wonder about Organ right now. I think in this match Currie out-bowled Fuller, Stevenson and Holland and looked very good. What about that last place – not necessarily at number 11? Might Barker be fit – he was there? Brad Wheal bowled nicely today, and while I would pick Mason Crane, he neither batted nor bowled – we saw one over of spin throughout – and they frequently don’t pick him. I cannot discover anything about Donald (or Brad Taylor) – I saw neither of them despite lots of reserves practising.

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Yesterday the umpires seemed to be wearing a harness round their chest, maybe for a camera? But not today. Can you add any more information, please?

Comment by Dave Pople

I can’t Dave I’m afraid. I did refer to them as Bras and figured, being men, they didn’t realise they should be worn UNDER other clothes. They’d either managed that today or left them behind. The problem with our commentary position is we’re remote and because of Covid have to keep our distance, so can’t approach anyone who might know. My co-commentator Robbie (who is up on technology) thought they were some kind of video for monitoring … (?)

Comment by pompeypop

Thanks Dave. I do a bit of low-level umpiring and wondered what might be going on – not that it would ever reach my level. Technology makes umpiring very different at International level to village umpiring. For instance I have heard talk about doing away with leg-byes – it would be possible using ultra-edge (and slow the game even more). But I love it that the Laws currently allow leg-byes – probably because it is often too hard to tell if the ball has been nicked, so let the runs count regardless.

Comment by Dave Pople

(2nd Reply to Dave) John Arlott used to argue that leg byes should be abolished. He reckoned that byes were fine because somewhere the fielding side made a mistake, but with a leg bye, the bowler has beaten the batsman and the ball evades the fielding side only through sheer chance, so any run is not deserved.

Comment by pompeypop

I think I saw Donald at some stage this morning on the stream.. certainly someone wearing his shirt anyway.

Comment by joelhesslegrave

Quite possible Joel. I was way up in the heavens. let’s hope he’s OK. Thanks.

Comment by pompeypop

I just wonder how much benefit these contrived friendly matches are. Surely it would be better to play an inter-club game (supplemented by a handful of decent local cricketers if necessary) which would give twice as much practice opportunity?

Comment by James

What I would say is that there is that bit more pressure. For example in an inter-club game (which they might have anyway on Monday, Tuesday etc), I reckon, in the interests of Hampshire’s forthcoming season, Holland would have been given a third go, but as it was he and everyone else was under pressure to deliver in a ‘real-match’ situation. The disappointment after about 10 dry days, was the weather, which knocked out more than half the game.

Comment by pompeypop

Fair point Dave but I wish in that case that (when weather permits) a proper 11 v 11 match is played.

Comment by James

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