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March 28, 2021, 4:58 pm
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Today was another example of why I often enjoy the longer form of limited overs cricket. Mind you India’s fielding was ‘interesting’ given the cliché that it’s improved so much in modern times!

I commented below that the first-ever one day Final in 1963 produced 322 runs in 123.4 overs and that today we might see twice as many in fewer overs. In fact, there were 651 runs in 98.2, so more than twice the number.

If you subtract the interval (40 minutes) the match took just over eight hours. Back in 1963 they took lunch and tea as normal, so a start at 11am would have got to 8pm with 25 overs(+) still to bowl – and no floodlights!

Different times!

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Today definitely kept us interested until the very end…….despite playing a great innings I’m not sure Curran should have turned down as many singles as he did in the partnership with Wood. Woody is quite dependable with the bat & I counted at least 8 singles that could have been taken – I know it’s not a perfect science when it comes to protecting the tail but Wood would only have had to face approx 4 more balls……….& we lost by 7 🤔

Comment by joster69

It’s always a moot point, to run or not. I thought we were losing once those first two wickets went quickly and right at the end they bowled well. Mind you if India had caught and fielded like a Hampshire League side on a Saturday afternoon they’d have won by miles!

Comment by pompeypop

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