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May 1, 2021, 1:39 pm
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We keep hearing that Abbott & Abbas are so tired they needed to be covered by Vince bowling yesterday and one/both(?) might need a rest next week v Somerset.


Hampshire’s current game v Surrey is their fourth of the season and each one has taken place in a separate week, so the players are playing for four days, then having three days ‘off’.

I’m assuming their bowling v Surrey is over, so Abbas has bowled 118 overs this season, with 37 in four days v Gloucs the most. Abbott has bowled 115 overs with 39 v Gloucs the most. Is that really too much?

There is a suggestion that four-day cricket is tougher than the old three-day format, and I can imagine that two days in the field is tiring but normally the bowlers’ teams bat for longer too at which point the bowlers can put their feet up.

Compare with this detailed analysis of Derek Shackleton who opened our bowling in 1961:

The 1961 Championship season lasted exactly 18 weeks. The matches were three days each with Sundays free. Hampshire’s season consisted of six days per week, except for three weeks when (1) there was only one three-day game in week six, following a trip to Glamorgan. and (2) ‘Shack’ was rested over three days v Oxford Uni and the Aussies So, in 15 of the 18 weeks he played six days every week and in three weeks, three days. He averaged 5.33 days of cricket every week over the season.

Further, in every week he bowled on at least two consecutive days – and I’m not including a handful of overs at the end of a day’s batting – plus in four weeks he bowled on three consecutive days and in six weeks he bowled on four consecutive days – albeit twice broken by a Sunday. 15 of the 18 weeks included travel.

Over the Championship season he bowled 1,461 overs at an average of 15 overs per day, 46 overs per match or 82 overs per week. He was quite a good bowler too – he took 153 wickets at 19.13 (on covered pitches). Mind you he was only a nipper; he had another seven years to go, and was only 37.

Tired? Huh?

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This defeat is very hard to take.
Thoroughly agree with you Dave about bowlers and number of overs. Ask people if they’re tired, or show concern for them, then they will probably suggest they could do with a rest.
How much are they getting paid?

Comment by henry thompson

Thanks Henry – I agree – and very hard to take a defeat of that magnitude. Well done Currie and McManus but …

Comment by Dave Allen

I agree with you Dave about bowlers being tired. The one we should be looking after is Scott Currie. He is 20 tomorrow and, from my understanding, will not yet be fully mature muscularly. There have been instances I. Football of young players being played too much and suffering injuries that are long term as they were to still maturing muscles. Give him another year, injury free and he should be OK for playing most if not all matches. I thought he bowled well I. Trying circumstances.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Cheers Bob. He will have learned a good deal. I was happy watching us as an ‘OK’ side last year with Currie, Scriven and Dale getting their chance to show what they could do – all ‘kids’ we’ve brought through.

Comment by Dave Allen

I entirely agree with Henry. I’m no sports psychologist but it seems to me that the only time you would ever introduce the idea that a player was tired before a game was if you were trying to motivate him and told him you were thinking of leaving him out for that reason knowing his reaction would be don’t you dare, I’ll show you who is tired!

As for our batting well even if we were put in on a difficult wicket Surrey proved over the next day and a half in amassing 560-7 that the wicket was pretty good. So what was our response? 60-5. Pathetic.

I have also just listened to our skipper’s interview with Kevan after the game in which he said (and I listened to it twice because I couldn’t believe it the first time) that after the first day the concern was keeping our two main seamers as fresh as possible as it was pretty obvious we wouldn’t get anything out of the game. This is with Surrey just 39 ahead! No wonder we got absolutely stuffed.

If we learnt one thing from Shane Warne is was the value of being positive. He wouldn’t have given up at lunchtime today let alone at the end of the first day.

Potential Champions? Not with this weak mentality and even weaker leadership on and off the pitch.

One final thought – I wonder how tired 45 year-old Darren Stevens is tonight? And he is expected to bat as well as bowl.

(Sorry for the rant but I’m also tired. Tired of all the same old failings year in and year out).

Comment by James

I suspect you are not alone – and it was an entirely rational rant James, so help yourself. On we go …

Comment by Dave Allen

Incidentally I’ve only just now (10.10pm) watched that interview – this original post preceded that interview by some hours.

Comment by Dave Allen

I must admit when I heard that one of Abbott or Abbas might be rested I was very surprised. It was only the 1st of May!!

Comment by Tigger Miles

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