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Not Alone then …
May 2, 2021, 8:47 am
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In today’s Sunday Times, the main cricket article by Simon Wilde is all about how county pace bowlers with a chance of playing for England are being rested because the start of the season has been so demanding. He cites Olly Stone, Mark Wood, Ollie Robinson, and Saqib Mahmood, although Craig Overton is really odd – it seems he is “one of those who benefits from bowling more and more”.

It’s also very interesting to read of “research that suggests it is important that even when fast bowlers rest they do not stop training, or they can increase the chance of injury”. ‘Shack’ (below) knew all about that. “Training”? He simply bowled himself fit and stayed fit bowling.

Here’s another more recent example, of a Hampshire bowler who, unlike ‘Shack’ in 1961, played in the Championship and white ball cricket. In 1982 in all competitions for Hampshire, he bowled just over 1,000 overs in a season of 22 weeks – an average of 46 overs per week.

In those 22 weeks he played 22 three-day Championship matches plus 22 one-day games in three competitions, a total of 88 days cricket; or four days every week. He also scored more than 600 Championship runs at 22.60 and another 258 one-day runs. Mind you it wasn’t too tough as he was only a medium-pacer. His name? MD Marshall.

(You might have spotted that sleeping on that defeat has made it no better. I’m still very grumpy and very disappointed)

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MD Marshall – now there was a fantastic bowler who gave 110% every ball he bowled and it was an absolute delight to watch….
Still very disappointed with the loss and the heaviness of it but we must now look to Thursday and the visit of the Cider men….
I’m personally hoping Joe (Weatherley) will do better as he hasn’t had the best of starts to the season….
On a brighter note my wife & I are looking forward very much to coming to the bowl in 17 days time to watch some live Cricket at long, long last!!!

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Let’s hope they do you (all) proud when the great day comes. The only blessing about the past three days is that a lot of us would have gone under normal circumstances!

Comment by Dave Allen

I always rather liked the story about Shack’s pre-match warm up – namely to smoke a cigarette and combe his hair!
Those were the days! I’m not sure which is less fashionable now!

Comment by Alex

It seemed to work too!

Comment by Dave Allen

Re fitness of fast bowlers, I have for a long time had a theory that training in the gym or where ever, rather than bowling to get fit to bowl is the problem, if you exercise different sets of muscles at different times then one of those is going to be less fit than the rest. When a fast bowler puts in an effort ball then, at some point, one of those less fit muscles will go. If you have bowled yourself fit then all muscles will be at the same level. Yes there will always be an occasional injury but I would suggest far fewer if bowlers bowled themselves fit and then kept bowling. Bowlers will also keep their form better as well. A different sport but same principle, I play table tennis. I always play better when playing regularly than when I have a couple of weeks break.

Comment by Bob Murrell

That makes a lot of sense to me Bob.

Comment by Dave Allen

Somerset have won so we are off the top of the table now. If Leics beat Gloucs today our match starting on Thursday will be another top two clash but if Gloucs win (unlikely) or draw (possible/probable) then we shall be down to third.

Comment by Dave Allen

Gloucs won – a terrific run chase – leaving us in third place.

Comment by Dave Allen

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