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Reasons to be Cheerful
May 4, 2021, 11:48 am
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I know most of you are avid Guardian readers but in case you missed this optimistic take on the new county season and format:


(Mind you as the Grauniad it was always famous for typographical errors. Might that explain why the article reports Gloucs having beaten Hampshire …?)

PS: No interest to me, but apparently the IPL has been suspended.

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While on the topic of “the papers”, I had previously saved as a bookmark the Cricket page on the Portsmouth News web site. This year it leads to “Page not found”. Sadly the Sports menu heading now has only two sub-sections – Football , and Other Sport.

Comment by Hedgehog

Their online site is dreadful which is a shame because in the ‘real’ paper the cricket coverage is very good.

Comment by Dave Allen

On a happier note, and cricket journalism themed I’ve been informed that ‘The Cricket Paper’ (to which I subscribe) will be starting again on the 16th (May)

On the IPL theme, much like the 99 or whatever its called I couldn’t care less either!! Much like my disappointment upon reading my 2021 play fair to find no National Counties coverage (Minor Counties) whatsoever….and instead all booted out for ‘The 100’…..Grrrr

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Quote from the NCCA (Minor Counties) – as a Dorset (& Hampshire member!) it sadly seems they deem ‘limited overs’ more beneficial….
Having recieved the fixtures for Dorset CCC this year and as a cricket purist I’m very disappointed to see this ‘progression’ the NCCA have taken….

The National Counties Cricket Association, (NCCA) is more than just a name change. Besides a name that better reflects the talents and importance of everyone involved at this level, the structure of games has undergone a transformation that will see less 3-day championship matches and more T20 and 50-over trophy games. An exciting time for spectators and aspiring cricketers’ who might otherwise struggle to commit to the lengthier games.

Comment by Stephen Anstey

It is disappointing indeed and thank you Stephen for all that information. I’m hoping it’s just a ‘phase’ we must live through – but I’m fearful. Grrr indeed!!

Comment by Dave Allen

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