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Some people are in the ground
May 21, 2021, 1:04 pm
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They don’t think it’s all over

It should be!

(2pm – Madness**)

PS Sitting in a cold Media Centre above the Hotel – just heard that the IPL part two is coming to England in September AND – the final Test Match this ‘summer’ will began in Manchester on 7 October (Manchester!!??)

PPS The message came in an official looking ECB tweet/email or whatever, but the rumour now is that it’s a spoof. (t was)

** incidentally the madness is not the people waiting – it’s that the men in white coats haven’t called a halt.

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Thanks for the shoutout on commentary just before lunch Dave! Those five wickets have given us a sniff if the rain stays away tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Comment by Tom Johnson

Welcome Tom

Comment by Dave Allen

By the way I hope you guys are following the Kent 10th wicket. They should pick that guy for England!!

Comment by Dave Allen

Indeed its a good listen. Love the fact his batting partner in a 144 run partnership currently has 1. Only in cricket

Comment by Angela W

Stevens now out for 190 (150 in boundaries). Put on 166 for 9th wicket with Cummings who scored 1. Not bad for a 45 year-old!

Comment by James

Spectators returned this week, and a handful are still sitting in the stands but neither they nor we in the freezing cold Media Centre have been told anything about what’s happening. No sign of the umpires. Today happens to be the 50th anniversary of the release of Marvin Gaye’s great album “What’s Going On?” My question exactly!!

Comment by Dave Allen

The ‘real’ time on my last comment was of course an hour later – 3.39, more than three hours after the players came off. Half-an-hour later the day was called off.

Comment by Dave Allen

BBC site now says close of play (unsurprisingly). Shame the weather is not a cricket fan.

Comment by Angela W

That would bring a whole new definition to the term Indian summer

Comment by Statman Tom

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