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Not their weekend?
May 22, 2021, 5:46 am
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I reckon if we were to get a full day today there just might be a (positive) result – after all there were eight wickets yesterday in 11 overs.

Without wishing them any harm, it might be also be a disappointing weekend for Leicester(shire). Last night the Tigers lost their European Final by one point, tomorrow their football team could well be edged out of next year’s Champions League and today …

(Have they got anyone in the Eurovision Song thingy?)

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@solentsport 5.30 a.m. Spiking and using the sopper https://t.co/qKeVDfK2Oy Can’t say they’re not trying!

Comment by dmashala

Unfortunately it’s not looking good according to various Weather Forecasts…..😟

Comment by Steve Anstey

It won’t be a full day. It’s obviously still wet – the umpires chased off Hampshire who began warming up on the outfield, there is light drizzle on and off, and they are inspecting again at 11.30 – so at the earliest it will be a mid-day start.

Comment by Dave Allen

Incidentally, we need to 26 overs today to beat the shortest rain-affected Championship match at the Rose/Ageas Bowl.

Comment by Dave Allen

VERY long inspection (and lots of work on the ground). Vince and Adi Birrell involved in discussions. The forecast is improved but I’m now doubting a start in 15 minutes. Maybe early lunch and start at 1pm?

Comment by Dave Allen

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