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May 31, 2021, 9:05 pm
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Many thanks to Colin for alerting me to this survey of books about Hampshire’s cricket history. There are others (Stephen Saunders has produced the most complete bibliographies) but this article is a very full introduction if you’re new to the subject


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Very interesting indeed, thanks for the link….

Comment by Steve Anstey

I think our Tennyson was actually the poet’s grandson.

Comment by henry thompson

Which biographies of Jack Newman and Alex Kennedy is this referring to?

Comment by Sean

Yes. That was my thought. I wasn’t sure if he’d forgotten to give the titles or that they were on his wish list. Most of the others I’d read.

Comment by dmashala

I took it that he was wishing for Kennedy & Newman (?) I’m not aware of any about them (I’ll get to it!!). And yes Henry, absolutely right, Grandson. I’ve tried to post two Comments already but awaiting approval – you might try mentioning Tennyson?

Comment by Dave Allen

I’ve also tried, Dave.
It’s unlike Martin Chandler, who I have always found very sound.

Comment by henry thompson

Oh I see, he selects 2 in desperate need of a biography as in this selection about Glamorgan http://www.cricketweb.net/glamorgan-in-print/

Comment by Sean

I think that’s right

Comment by Dave Allen

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