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Two Debutants
June 25, 2021, 5:36 pm
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The young bloke and the big bloke. We’ve never had a World Test Champion in the side before – I’m glad to see Scott Currie back as well.

Many of you know that I’m not much of a fan of T20s, although I am threatening to get nostalgic about the ‘good old days’ of 2003 once the Hundred starts.

It’s not been much of a week for the short format though. I saw only brief glimpses of England’s two matches, neither really nail-biters and while I did enjoy being at Cardiff when we won promotion seven years ago it’s bit of a characterless stadium – especially with a small, chilly and damp crowd.

Then there’s the story about Edgbaston last night. I know some people thought the crowd there for the Test was fun and each to their own, but …

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And the Big Bloke’s done good huh?

Comment by Dave Allen

Currently in Covid isolation so hopefully Hampshire can cheers me up. Great start, the overseas doing the business.

Nice to see Tom Prest debut as well.

Comment by Tom Johnson

I hope you get through that soon Tom. I had a bit of it earlier in the year but a second test showed it as a false alarm

Comment by Dave Allen

De Grand home although in the squad, he doesn’t start tonight…..or that’s what I’ve just read…

Email received from the club tonight to state our Blocks and rows for the forthcoming t20s at the bowl….

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Oooooh I was clearly wrong just putting on the livestream!! The big lad has 2fer already!!!

Comment by Stephen Anstey

And now Currie’s gone one better. I’m watching with the soundtrack provided by BBC4’s Singer/Songwriters show – I’m watching Both Sides Now of course and so far Scott is having the Starry, Starry Night (OK I’ll shut up now).

Comment by Dave Allen

Half-time oranges then I’ve no idea if we’ll get those runs but it seems a decent effort for a team with only two capped players (albeit also two overseas). If Liam had played would that have been instead of Currie, in which case?

Comment by Dave Allen

So the big bloke has two wickets and 50+ not out. That might be the best T20 debut ever for Hampshire.

But I’ve no idea although I doubt whether any debutant (as opposed to debutante) has ever had longer hair

Comment by Dave Allen

Dare I say, were it not for CDG we would have been on the way home a long time ago – woeful from Hants today I’m afraid….

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Was that one of those snatching defeat etc? Not much leeway for results from now on.

Comment by Dave Allen

I thought teams played 14 matches each, but our website only shows six games to go, making 13 in total. Is that correct?

Comment by Dave Allen

Website is missing July 9th v Somerset!

Comment by joster69

Thanks Jo

Comment by Dave Allen

I didn’t see it but can’t help thinking we do better when we don’t play. Could we possibly provide a wicket in our favour at the Bowl and flood it the night before and get a point?

Comment by James

Hmm – I wonder whether 14 points would see us through? Maybe.

Comment by Dave Allen

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