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It’s Not Unusual
June 26, 2021, 1:29 pm
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For England to remove Liam Dawson from Hampshire’s side without picking him, is it? I guess they consider today’s match a crunch fixture in the series?

Apparently they are playing at the Ageas (not Hampshire) Bowl today, so that’s enough of Cardiff and Welsh pop stars.

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I find the omission of LD quite astonishing, what with playing at the bowl and no Joss, you’d think he would have played….
No t20 viewing today as its proper Rugby today! Sorry that’s coming from a Bath Rugby season ticket holder!!!!

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Rugby? It’s (literally) mid-summer (shows what I know).

Comment by Dave Allen

Indeed, it is midsummer so why is Footie being played then?? Hahaha…
Winter in South Africa though which is what this game is a build up for….

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Rugby is a summer sport, apart from the Union variant, which I believe is played in winter. Did you know that Victor Trumper is credited with introducing rugby league to Australia? I’m aware that he posted a huge score against Sussex, but did he ever play against Hampshire?

Comment by Chris Davis

He played against Hampshire 3 times. His best score was 92 in 1905. He also played in 1902 and 1909. He scored 300no against Sussex in 1899.

Comment by Tigger Miles

He could have made the difference last night at Taunton too. Must be one of the best qualified drinks carriers in the country. I wonder if he’s available for parties……….

Comment by Alex

I guess if you’re a passionate England fan or a lover of T20, this week’s series might have brought some pleasure (?) but for someone like me it just confirmed how dull these short games can be when two teams are so mismatched. At least Taunton had an ‘interesting’ finish.

Comment by Dave Allen

Good debate with Nass and Rob Key earlier with regards rotating players. Why oh why did Silverwood rotate players during the test matches and not pull out some of the ‘big gun’ players for the t20 instead knowing that Sri Lanka were going to be well under par..

Anyway it’s only t20 and not ‘proper’ cricket!!!

Comment by Stephen Anstey

True enough Steve – I see ‘we’ won the Rugby then? The Final sounded a cracker too but as I said, what do I know?!!

Comment by Dave Allen

Being a Harlequins fan Dave I can assure the the final was an absolute cracker. One commentator suggested if the Harlem Globetrotters played rugby it would be like this!

For background at the turn of the year Quins were a club in crisis. We had stopped playing our traditional open running rugby in favour of dire negative rubbish. The players were totally fed up with rumours many wanted to leave and and we were being beaten almost every week. We then sacked our Director of Rugby (Head Coach) and didn’t even bother to replace him instead having his three relatively inexperienced assistant coaches run the team on a joint basis.

The coaches told the team to go back to enjoying themselves play “off the cuff” rugby and we will back you whatever. The smiles returned, the rugby returned and we won game after game and clinched fourth place to make the play-offs. The problem is we had to go and play Bristol who had topped the league at their place. Just before half-time we were 28-0 down and being taken apart. No problem we just trusted ourselves and continued playing rugby. We won 43-36!

So to the final against Exeter – playing their sixth consecutive final and in many peoples eyes the best team in the country. Exeter were superb. We were better winning 40-38.

Oh and a couple of weeks ago we were runners-up in the Director of Rugby of the Year vote. Not bad for a team without a DoR!

Just look what can happen when coaches take a back seat and players are told to go and enjoy themselves!!

Comment by James

Thanks, Tigger for the Trumper stats. Harking back to a discussion a month or so ago, seems he was a cut above everyone else on wet wickets too.

Comment by Chris Davis

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