Hampshire Cricket History

June 28, 2021, 7:17 pm
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I am astonished by tonight’s news. This is now the fourth season in which three Hampshire T20 matches have failed to reach a result – and there are still six games to go. The previous years were 2005, 2011 & 2012.

It is however the first time that it has happened three times in four consecutive matches.

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Its gonna be tough to qualify now but you just never know!

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Based on previous years, they just have to win the remaining six matches. To date the only side in the country with just one win.

Comment by Dave Allen

Just to reassure you, it did eventually rain in Pompey (9.30 ish) but we’d have had time for a D/L result! Mind you the roses are blooming now (and the two footy games were worth stopping in for).

Comment by Dave Allen

Still, big news breaking, we’ve got a new mascot, Hawky! I’m sure he’ll make all the difference (or maybe it’s a she!)

Comment by John L

I would have thought Donald Duck would be a better mascot for us for several reasons!

Comment by James

Brilliant! Works on about 4 different levels that joke. Respect.

Comment by Chris Davis

Will Hawky get a player number and be engraved on one of Dave’s boards in the atrium?

Comment by Hedgehog

Great idea! We have a problem with 112 (seems he’s a duplicate) so that can be his.

Comment by Dave Allen

Perhaps Hawky is gender neutral

Comment by Mike Peaker

Don’t even go there Mike!

Comment by James

That would be ‘they’ and them then?

Comment by Dave Allen

Surprising pair of T20 results tonight (plus another abandoned) keeps the table fairly open. I suspect Hampshire must start winning now though. Forecast seems OK for Surrey tomorrow.

Comment by Dave Allen

Sussex have now lost 5 to the weather out of 9

Comment by dmashala

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