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June 30, 2021, 7:22 am
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From the County Cricket Matters site:

Results of the Cricket Supporters Association Survey

•63% of cricket fans feel negatively about The Hundred

•43% of cricket fans intend to watch more cricket compared to 2019

•33% of fans are more engaged with cricket now than in 2019

•94% think the lack of priority for county championship will impact Test Cricket

•93% believe all ICC Tournaments should have an element of FTA**

•Only 22% of fans believe the ECB considers fans when making decisions

**As they say, WTF is “FTA”?

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Free To Air, BBC or ITV etc.

Comment by baldsaint

Free to Air presumably, not behind a paywall. Surprised it’s as high as 22% for the last one!

Comment by John L

I agree, surely that must be a typo! 2% at the very most..

Comment by Steve Anstey

FTA = Free to Air……

I’m in agreement with these stats especially the 100 thing…
Just cannot be interested at all…and as for the county Championship well enough said! Looking forward to some proper cricket starting Sunday at the bowl…..

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Thanks all – I’m with you Steve!

Comment by Dave Allen

Strange, I thought I’d be infused about attending the t20 tonight but I’ve reached the time in life where ‘quick result’ cricket doesn’t thrill me as much as County Championship and indeed Test cricket….of course I still enjoy one day cricket, at least that has some tactical element to it if you know what I mean..
Must be getting old!!!

Comment by Steve Anstey

that means 37% feel positive about the 100. Who are these people!! Oh I get it, they didn’t know what the 100 is.

Comment by Tigger Miles

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