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The Kids Were Alright
June 30, 2021, 8:52 pm
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Currie 3-21, and Tom Prest top-scored with 20

But …

Excluding No Result matches, Hampshire have now won three and lost twelve of their last 15 T20 matches over these two seasons. It’s not very good is it? I reckon that must have finished hopes of qualifying, so team selection will be interesting.

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It was great to be back after 2 years!
Pity about the result, but Scott Currie and Ollie Pope will stay in the memory for bowling and (wonderful horizontal catching on the boundary), respectively.

Comment by ccarchitectbtconnectcom

One problem – not the only one – is at the top of the order: in franchises during the winter, our captain scored five half-centuries, including some big ones. For Hampshire in 2020 & 2021 he averages 20.18 in 11 innings and hasn’t reached 50 once. Meanwhile, the 66 by de Grandhomme at Taunton is our only fifty this season. Might Holland (top-scorer in the Championship), Northeast or Alsop do better?

Comment by Dave Allen

Our opponents have six half-centuries so far

Comment by Dave Allen

Something has got to change in my view. A specialist t20 coach? A new captain?

The ingredients are there Crane is class, Vince is an elite t20 batter, Dawson brilliant. McManus is a decent keeper/batter. Our bowlers have shown they can do it (Wood, Currie, Wheal).

That says to me it’s a clarity thing. Do the players know their roles, are the squad identifying the right match ups (ie/ when this batter comes in we need to bowl this bowler). The batters look confused. Prest (20 off 24), Weatherley (15 of 14), McManus (16 off 16), Fuller (17 off 18). These aren’t innings appropriate for a chase. Take Fuller, what’s his role? To bat 7 and finish games off? It doesn’t show.

Doing the same thing year on year , match on match clearly isn’t working. I’d probably give the captaincy to Northeast, bring him in at 3 and let Vince focus on his batting like he does for the Sydney Sixers. I’d also bring in a specialist t20 coach. It’s such a different sport these days to 4 day stuff for me it makes sense.

Comment by Tom Johnson

Very thoughtful Tom, very informed. Good stuff – cheers

Comment by Dave Allen

Excellent summary Tom, I have been thinking exactly the same thing about the role of Vince and Fuller for the last few weeks (especially as Fuller does not bowl) Northeast, Alsop or Tom Scriven would perhaps be alternatives to him, or perhaps Keith Barker, for whom I have never heard confirmation from the club that he only has a red ball contract.
I noticed last night how Surrey brought bowlers on with the objective of taking wickets of certain batters, for example Vince’s dismissal by Batty, which as you say we do not seem to do.
The specialist T20 coach is also a brilliant idea as there were a lot of lapses in our fielding during the early stages, enabling Surrey to score almost twice as many runs as us in the powerplay.

Comment by Martin

Thanks Martin and Dave.

Yeah Fuller is baffling. At the number seven spot you need a finisher. Someone who can reliably clear the ropes and get 15 from 5 balls. Andre Russell is the best example of this, Dan Christian has done it for Notts. It looks like England have settled upon Sam Curran for this role. Fuller clearly isn’t a finisher, but tbf we don’t have an obvious one. That’s why we fall short in our chases, once Vince etc get out we splutter to a halt. We also have a long tail, Wood at 8 isn’t ideal.

We can’t fix them overnight but can we give players more clarity on their roles and at least try.

Great spot on the Batty to Vince match up, they really are the future of t20s. It’s not just a bit of fun, see ball hit ball these days. There is so much data involved for the successful sides. This quote by Ricky Ponting sums it up nicely: Ponting is a new kind of interventionist T20 coach: “Every single ball that’s bowled in a T20 game is almost like a set play – you’re trying to come up with the right match-ups.

Here’s a long read about match ups in the IPL: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.espncricinfo.com/story/ipl-2021-do-match-ups-work-in-t20-the-data-says-yes-1258833%3fplatform=amp

Comment by Tom Johnson

If you two keep going like this my next book will have to be “Bloggers’ Digest”!! Great stuff

Comment by Dave Allen

It’s disappointing that we can’t pick Liam right now but last night we lost to Surrey and today Jason Roy and the two Currans are playing for England.

Comment by Dave Allen

Call me old fashioned but all this business of match ups and in depth analysis really does nothing for me and just creates loads more jobs for back room staff. What’s wrong with the Captain and players trying to work things out for themselves on the pitch rather than having to revert to a laptop at every opportunity. I’m afraid the analysis side of cricket has gone too far. As for a specialist coach, I’d rather spend the money on finding better players. Players like Fuller for example just are not good enough. He wasn’t much better at Middlesex. Guys on white ball only contracts don’t get much quality practice so it must be much harder to find form when out of form. Vince plays well for the Sydney Sixers as he isn’t Captain but there aren’t many obvious alternatives. This squad of players just aren’t a great T20 squad and we probably have to live with that for the time being but no doubt the wonderful 100 will sort everything out!

Comment by John L

That’s what sport is these days though, massive backroom teams covering every eventuality and detail. If you don’t get on bored, you get left behind. Hence why we seem to have gone from the best t20 side to one of the worst! Match ups are how Mumbai Indians won the IPL. Embrace it or fail in my view.

I think this squad is decent just not being used right. Worcestershire won the blast with much less money and ‘big name’ players.

Agree with you on Fuller. Although I would add if he’s a white ball specialist then he should play more tournaments. Difficult with Covid but could he have played some PSL before the blast started?

Comment by Tom Johnson

I take your points Tom, guess it’s the difference of you being young and me being old! To my mind, most games these days, especially white ball, are either won or lost on a laptop rather than the field of play. Not convinced Fuller is good enough to get a gig anywhere else. Thought he was a poor signing when we signed him and nothing has changed my mind unfortunately.

Comment by John L

Haha thanks Dave. Nice to debate cricket whilst I’m in isolation. I do love the analysis and stats side of cricket!

Comment by Tom Johnson

Are you getting better Tom? Will you be ‘free’ for the Surrey match?

Comment by Dave Allen

Yeah, no symptoms anymore just got to complete the 14 days. Unfortunately not. Hoping to get to a couple of the 50 over games at the Ageas though!

Comment by Tom Johnson

Brad Taylor seems to be contracted for all formats by Hampshire and plays regularly for St Cross, yet has not played 1st XI county cricket this season. Any explanation? Also, how close is Nye Donald to regaining full fitness? (Info typically missing from the official website).

Comment by Ian White

Whilst Brad Taylor is playing games for St. Cross he appears not to be bowling on looking at the scorecards, so probably has some sort of injury. Surprised he still has a contract at Hampshire.

Comment by John Cottrell

I have been bewildered by Brad Taylor for some time – I don’t believe he has played any Hampshire cricket since 2019, including 2nd XI, so I suspect he simply signed a two-year contract and will depart at the end of the season – along with Ryan Stevenson?

Comment by Dave Allen

Fidel is playing for the Windies tonight on BT sport!

Comment by Tom Johnson

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