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July 26, 2021, 11:38 am
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I understand it’s a football chant (it’s been a while) but as I’m commentating tomorrow I’ve been doing my usual preparation (nothing if not thorough!)

I think -assuming they field the same side as their first game (yesterday there was no play) that Sussex will beat us by fielding an XI with not one capped player – their captain v Lancs was Tom Haines who is 22. I’ve done my best to check out some details but had to rely mostly on Cricket Archive as only about half of them appear in Playfair.

Incidentally, quite a number of our players recorded their HS and/or BB v Essex despite the defeat – there again if it’s your first match that’s quite likely – even for Tom Prest with his ‘duck’. The best were Currie’s 3-58, McManus’s (first) 50, and Gubbins’ 62 for us, although overall it’s 141.

I wonder if we’ll get a cracker like last time (2019)? We posted 355-5 after Markram with 130, recorded our highest innings v Sussex, sharing a partnership with Alsop (124) – whatever happened to him? Our total was also a record v Sussex who then beat their record with Wiese (171) and Brown adding 232 for the 6th wicket. It rescued Sussex and took them to within nine runs of our score.

The aggregate of 701 runs was our highest in a List A match v Sussex and the third highest in our history, behind matches against Surrey (717 at the Oval) in 2005 and Somerset (A Bowl) in 2018

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The Cricket Paper carries a column by someone called ‘The Grumbler’. This week he grumbled about the 50-over game and in passing mentioned that it took the authorities until 1979 to think up a World Cup

I sent the editor an email, pointing out that some of us recall an earlier World Cup, including a rather fine Final (Greenidge & Roberts) in 1975. I got a reply telling me their mailbox is so full my message could not be delivered.


Comment by Dave Allen

Greenidge played for Hants the day after the 1975 Final (as did five of his team-mates for their counties).

Another world.

Comment by stephenfh

The IPL resumes on 19 September, which is after the first three rounds of the Championship

Comment by Dave Allen

I well recall the 701 run game. We had it all wrapped up seemingly with Sussex a hundred odd for five before Wiese completely turned the game around. With Sussex needing just eighteen from three overs with four wickets in hand Wiese hit Abbott straight back over his head for six. Instead of then pushing the single he tried to repeat the shot next ball and was caught on the boundary by Crane. Crane and Abbott then mopped up the tail and it was all over. Crazy cricket!

Comment by James

It was crazy – home & dried halfway through the Sussex innings then came Wiese – but not tomorrow I think.

Comment by Dave Allen

Wiese so nearly stole it in that game and I could clearly hear strains of “Sussex by the sea” from my seat in the Ingleby Mackenzie stand! On the train back to Pompey the two gents we talked to gave wry smiles on our comments about how close he came to winning it. – They were Sussex fans!

Comment by Bill Seager

Same 13 tomorrow and I notice there is no mention of de Grandhomme in the players missing with the Hundred so I assume his contract is now up. But the real mystery is no mention (again) of Tom Alsop – why don’t they tell us what’s happening with him? has he gone a bit ‘southwest’?

Comment by Dave Allen

Alsop is in the 13 man squad and was in the training video they posted on the Twitter.

Comment by Tom Johnson

CDG replaced Andre Russell in “our” Horrendous Hundred squad a couple of weeks ago.

Comment by James

….. but maybe his contract is now up so he isn’t actually a Hampshire player with the HH .

Comment by James

I thought you were going for The Who. Regarding Tom Alsop, silence has become pretty much the norm when it comes to player moves etc so I don’t think we’ll find anything out unless he pops up somewhere else

Comment by Michael S

Got it Michael! I think maybe you’re right about the Sound of Silence too …

Comment by Dave Allen

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