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They’re here already
July 28, 2021, 8:31 am
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Despite my complete antipathy I feel obliged (as a historian) to check it out (once), so I’ve bought a ticket for Friday night – a ticket I can only access using a mobile phone.

It took me ages to work all that out but I guess that’s part of the strategy for deliberately alienating people like me.

The latest email tells me that I’ll need to answer three questions to get a Covid QR code whatever QR means but I cannot find that anywhere. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

Then there’s parking. As a Vice President I get an Executive car park ticket but that’s for Hampshire. What’s the deal on Friday?

Maybe I should give up and just go on hating it – especially as the Brave are in a rather Grave state right now.

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“They’re here already; you’re next, you’re next” the final words of the original and best “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. (They may look normal, but watch out)

Comment by Dave Allen

You may need to go in disguise Dave otherwise they might not let you in. Have you got a chicken costume?

Comment by James

Given my views on it all I was thinking of a Dinosaur!!

Comment by Dave Allen

I’m off to Hove! (Hopefully)

Comment by Alan Edwards

Very wise – have fun. They’ve some very promising young players

Comment by Dave Allen

I’ve discovered the Covid thing only goes ‘live’ 24 hours before the game. The parking needs to be booked specially – Hampshire hangers won’t do.

Comment by Dave Allen

Hampshire Hangers that could be our next nickname!

Comment by James

I really do not envy you Dave. I cannot get excited about any of it.

Comment by Bill Seager

I have a feeling I might not last the night!

Comment by Dave Allen

One thing is that you won’t be there long!!!

Comment by Steve Anstey

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