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How Does it feel?
July 29, 2021, 5:50 am
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To be on your own …

Well I’m probably not of course, but I thought some of you might wish to know that I have been invited to appear on BBC Radio Solent’s Breakfast Show just after 7.30 am tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Initially I believe they were looking for someone who was ‘uncertain’ about the Hundred

I guess they couldn’t find anyone, so they’ve ended up with me.

Most of you have a pretty good idea what I’ll be saying I suspect.

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If it’s any consolation you are not on your own with your thoughts! I have given it a good try but I just cannot get into it. Roll on date I say it to September when ‘proper’ cricket starts again! Call me a cricket snob but I’m just not one who gets excited by ‘loads of sixes’ – give me the good old County/Test cricket anyway…..by the way here’s a thought that I’ve shared with a few ‘cricket fan’ colleagues – why is it we can remember county championship & even test match games but t20s come and go without so much as an afterthought??

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Totally agree, Stephen. The shortest forms of the game are reduced to a knockabout, with no light and shade or variation. KP on Hundred commentary was wildly over excited, urging players to “swing the bat”, repeating insistently that youngsters playing the game should “swing the bat!”

I just found the scorecard of a testimonial game for Peter Lever, Lancashire v Lytham 1972. Many of us of a certain age could probably name most of the Lancashire team*. I wonder if anybody will remember the names of the Manchester Hundred team in 50 years time.
* D Lloyd, Pilling, C Lloyd, Hayes, Engineer, Sullivan, Hughes, Simmons, Shuttleworth, Lee, Lever.

Comment by Chris Davis

Good side that – used to rule the limited-overs games!

Comment by Dave Allen

It is neither fish nor fowl…

Comment by Bill Seager

But is is certainly foul!

Comment by James

D lloyd – legend! But it does prove the point how generally cricket ‘purist’ fanatics even (like us) remember the average County/Test match clearly. I agree with you Chris – I wonder if we will indeed remember who played for who in the 100 in years to come – I’d very much doubt it! And as for KP – No, just no!!!
No doubt he’ll disappear once the circus has left town…

Ps – Dave, how did Radio Solent go??

Comment by Stephen Anstey

My mistake Dave, I didn’t realise it is tomorrow morning for your RS stint!!

Comment by Stephen Anstey

Tell them it’s more like It’s a Knockout. All it’s needs is for somebody to bring the Joker on and Eddie Waring!

Comment by John L

Nice!! Maybe a few spare ‘Royals’ too?

Comment by Dave Allen

Take in a tin of paint and tell them more fun can be gained from watching the contents dry!

Comment by James

Will this show be available on demand? I’m not sure I want to set my alarm for 2:30am, even for Dave!

Comment by Hedgehog

I don’t blame you!! (No idea sorry)

Comment by Dave Allen

Not sure if BBC Sounds App works where you are Hedgehop but this link might help. Then select Alun Newman Show & forward to 7.37am or 97 minutes into show


Comment by joster69

Try this
(Jo’s link goes to current show)

Very good Dave even if the interviewer didn’t quite know what has happened.

Comment by James

Thanks Jo and James. I was able to listen to the segment after a bit of technical jiggery-pokery. BBC Sounds is generally available in the US but this particular programme was geo-blocked. I assume Dave has contracted for separate interviews with ABC, NBC, CBS and Disney.

Comment by Hedgehog

Well done Dave, hope you haven’t received abuse on social media as a result of the interview! Shame the interviewer didn’t really know what he was on about!

Comment by John L

Thank you – not spotted any abuse yet!!

Comment by Dave Allen

Big nose!

Comment by James

I’ll cry!

Comment by Dave Allen

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