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Well Now …
July 30, 2021, 7:27 pm
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What to say?

I’ve been. I’ve seen the Southern Braves Women win (easily) and I’ve seen the Southern Braves Men take a wicket (after which, pretty soon, I went home).

That was enough. I wanted to be sure I’d experienced the whole ‘event’ and I have. Even more now, I think it constitutes a real threat to the future of county cricket although I guess that does depend on whether it lasts (remember the Sunday League ‘revolution’).

But I get it. It seemed to me the audience comprises principally two groups – families with kids having a whale of a time and blokes (18-65) consuming vast quantities of lager – sometimes wearing daft costumes. I don’t fit either group, so it’s not for me, but I get it.

The cricket is hardly different in kind from T20 and I’ve seen enough of that to last me a while but I really do get it. I walked about a lot and saw a few Hampshire shirts but apart from Richard Griffiths met no one I knew – yet I reckon there were maybe 12,000 (+?) there.

The thing that surprises me most is the instant identification with Southern Brave – an almost meaningless idea. I get entirely caring about Britain or England or Hampshire or Southampton or Portsmouth (etc) and within that overall ‘caring’, supporting the representative sports team, but Southern Brave? I don’t get that, but most of those people there tonight do get it – and if they go on getting it, the Hundred will work. That surprised me – and I was wrong about that earlier today.

There is however one thing they get wrong. They keep flashing up a message saying”The Hundred is for Everyone”. It’s not – anymore than any other cultural artefact ever in history.

Below, James Vince runs through smoke and fire to lead out his side

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Well that was a good win in the end but the 2 guys who ran on the pitch near the end just proves it’s the same old drunks attending and no mention of anything on commentary as though it never happened and nothing must tarnish the wonderful 100.
Enjoyed the women’s game more. It’s was just like watching an old Vipers Kia Super League game which of course was too successful it had to be scrapped for the 100!

Comment by John L

Yes, I enjoyed the women’s game. Given that some people drank for a couple of hours after I left (after a good few hours before I left!) there will be some sore heads tomorrow.

Comment by Dave Allen

I think that the commentary teams deliberately don’t mention people running on the pitch in the same way that the cameras don’t focus on them…….that way they get no notoriety from it.

I enjoyed the match from my sofa. It is a shame that the drink too much brigade disrupt the match for those showing interest. I like the idea of penalising the fielding side for slow bowling by having one less fielder out of the ring. Although bonus runs have been awarded previously in T20 for the same issue I think I prefer the fielding penalty as it doesn’t suddenly award the batting side a win.

It’s possible that this might encourage faster over rates/bowling in other formats in the same way that T20 has improved fielding. It may not be to everyone’s taste but it may well bring in the money to keep cricket afloat.
It also gives more players (not just those in the national team) the opportunity to mix with international players & coaches.

I appreciate the fears that this will be detrimental to the counties but we are already seeing young players being given opportunities that they wouldn’t have had if this competition didn’t exist. It might just lead to counties having a bit more depth in their squads.

Comment by joster69

It’s a quick game and I agree with Jo about the penalties but I think it’s interesting that while they aim for the whole thing to be shorter than a day watching the Championship, if you go for both matches it lasts as long – and the hour-long break seems designed mainly to deal with huge queues for beer and burgers!

I’m enjoying VERY much seeing some of our younger players in the RL Cup but it’s not ultimately up there with Richards and Greenidge or Marshall & Robin Smith** – yet it’s all we get of Hampshire over about seven weeks between Championship matches.

** I’ve done a piece about our best home-grown 40/50/60 overs stars – it’s on the website right now.

Comment by Dave Allen

Exactly that Dave, we shall never see a Marshall or a Smith again! Ooooh the memories…..
Back to proper cricket from Wednesday at 11am!

Comment by Stephen Anstey


Comment by Dave Allen

Incidentally given the way the weather savaged ALL yesterday’s RL Cup games, I must observe that for the second time in a week the Dry Bowl came up trumps (despite frequently threatening skies)!

Comment by Dave Allen

Incidentally plus: I didn’t see one person wearing a tie – at a cricket match? Unprecedented (is it a record?).

Comment by Dave Allen

The Hundred is some weird new hybrid, dreamt up by advertisers and played by nobody else, anywhere else. Let’s chuck all our resources at it.

The 50 over game is played by everyone. We’re World Champions. We won the most exciting final ever. Let’s relegate the format to live streaming via what look like hand held mobile phone cameras.

And, if you think we’re angry, read Matthew Engel in today’s Guardian. But make sure you wear a helmet.

Comment by Chris Davis

Cheers Chris – I’ve just posted that link! Well worth a read.

Comment by Dave Allen

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