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Fight The Power
July 31, 2021, 8:30 am
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Some of you might enjoy this by Matthew Engel (former editor, Wisden) – from today’s Guardian


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Me thinks Matthew is not a fan of The Hundred! Great article, had me in stitches!

Comment by vern1970

Fabulous article which sums up the 100 ‘circus’….

Comment by Stephen Anstey

He nailed it. I was going to send you the link, Dave, but guessed you would have seen it.

Comment by Dave Pople

The article says it all, Dave. Confirmation bias along with cheap/free ticketing will ensure ECB egos are massaged for a while longer. But the overarching question is “what’s the point?”

Comment by Stuart T

Excellent article. Unfortunately those responsible for the Horrendous Hundred will probably think it is complimentary.

Comment by James

The best thing about going last night is that I was asked to complete a survey telling them what I thought. I was very positive about the stewards and the toilets.

Comment by Dave Allen

I’ve just noticed a result saying that the Welsh Fire Women won. What happens if they get a 999 call during the game?

Comment by Dave Allen

Who enjoyed seeing that fine cricketer Ali swishing his wicket away first ball? I despair of the powers prostituting themselves the game and the players skills needed when the county and test matches are competed for. Why not have different ways of getting out e.g. the ball can bounce and be “caught” ? The bowler can only bowl full tosses on the fifth ball or other such inane “new innovative” rules so that we can disassociate ourselves completely?

Comment by Bill Seager

I’m on a roll here, bring back the lobster and the trevor chappell grass cutter for balls 1 and 3, but make them interchangeable?

Comment by Bill Seager

Keep going Bill – lovely!!

Comment by Dave Allen

Bowl alternate balls with different arms.

Bowl alternate overs (sorry sets of five balls) with blindfolds on.

Comment by James

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