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Another One-sided game
October 26, 2021, 1:35 pm
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‘Hampshire’s’ Markram hits a fifty as South Africa win by eight wickets with ten balls remaining – and one of their two wickets was a run out. Reigning Champions West Indies struggling to progress now.

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This competition could prove to be Hampshire’s greatest achievement since nascent Pompey Boss Alan Ball won the World Cup in 1966.
PS Lord Hawke enjoyed a residential qualification with Yorkshire as his family seat was situated there. (Your point about the upper classes holds good.) I’m currently on our family seat with the dog, watching Hampshire v Hampshire in the 3 o’clock game.

Comment by Chris Davis

Although Lord Hawke was born in Lincolnshire his family came from Yorkshire and returned there when he was fourteen or fifteen so he was qualified by residence. The “rule” that players had to be born in Yorkshire to play for Yorkshire was self-imposed by Yorkshire and not part of the qualification rules established in 1873. see


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Comment by Colin Price

Afraid the WI look like a team of old men well past their best. Not convinced that playing constant franchise T20 cricket does much to improve your skill levels or fitness levels especially as a lot of it isn’t of great quality despite what all the pundits want you to believe. All it does is swell their bank balances! The best players at T20 still generally seem to be the players that excel at the other formats also.

Comment by John L

Good thoughts both – thanks (love the ‘Bally’ comment, also a Saint of course). Is NZ v Pakistan (10th over as I write) boiling up to something more exciting?

Comment by Dave Allen

Think NZ might just sneak it with 5 overs left

Comment by John L

Oh well, that never materialised!

Comment by John L

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