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And the last bit
November 22, 2021, 8:36 am
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Of Cage Cricket:

The first one shows Jimmy Adams at St Edmund’s School (inner-city comprehensive) in Portsmouth at the launch of their Cage facility in November 2013. It was filmed for South Today with Kevan James. Below that (April 2016), the only time I was invited to be on the pitch at Fratton Park, handing over a cheque to PFC for their Cage as part of PFC in the Community. The money was raised through sales of my book Forever Changes (which needs an update!!)

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So Dave were there times you were on the Fratton Park pitch uninvited?

Comment by James

Hah! Easter 1962. I was 12, we beat Watford 3-0 and won promotion and the Div 3 title. I ran on and made a bit of noise. Nobody seemed to mind. I was used to following title-winning teams around then of course!

Comment by Dave Allen

I did the same at Griffin Park on the rare occasions we won promotion – before we became good!

Comment by James

If it is not too personal, which are you in the picture?

Comment by Andrew Whitaker

Not at all – L-R Terry Crump (former HC Members’ Chairman and now Chair of HC Heritage); the woman who ran/runs PFC in the Community, the former Pompey Chairman (McInnes?) and then me wearing the old red, silver & green HCCC Members’ tie.

Comment by Dave Allen

Clare Martin and Iain MacInnes. I met Iain at the bowl as a guest of Peter Storrey or maybe the other way round.

Comment by Paul

Actively promoting progressive initiatives, and funding it from your own pocket! Nice one. Put us armchair loudmouths to shame.
Interesting Pompey photos: your back four constitutes a pretty effective-looking wall – Rivelino would have problems bending it round that line-up.

Comment by Chris Davis

Lovely – I’ll give them a ring!!

Comment by Dave Allen

The day that Jimmy Adams launched the Cage in Pompey had another significance for me as it was when Kevan James first suggested some of us on the Hospital Radio commentary team might be able to help him out with Radio Solent commentaries. Initially (from 2014) that was Ken, Roger and me and a little later Jeff did a spell too. So back then, it was four old blokes whereas these days I’m the only one left – the other three are now all young women cricketers in their twenties.

Comment by Dave Allen

Thanks for the identification!

Comment by Andrew Whitaker

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