Hampshire Cricket History

How many?
November 22, 2021, 3:49 pm
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If you can remember the Arlott Atrium you will recall seeing the Cricketers’ Board with numbers against all our First-Class cricketers, starting with the XI that played at Taunton in 1895. I’m now working on a similar numbered listing for all out players in List A matches (40-65 overs) which began with the Gillette Cup in May 1963. The men in that side were numbered 1-11 in alphabetical order.

I’m happy to share the list when it’s finished – so far I’ve done the first ten seasons – but here are some facts and/or questions to see how many you might be able to remember.

In total, there are 31 men in the list from 1963-1972; alphabetically then, who might be number one from 1963? There were five specialist spinners** in those first ten years, two from overseas and three born in the county; three regular wicket-keepers; six men who had been with other counties previously; 12 of the 31 were Hampshire-born, while seven were from overseas – five from the Caribbean. In those 10 seasons, there were three ‘official’ captains. (**plus one who converted to seamers by his List A debut).

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Dennis Baldry first alphabetically? Looked up the scorecard for the first game, the captain playing as wicketkeeper, a decade later a wicketkeeper who went onto be captain.

Comment by stephenfh

That’s it – well done. Dennis who will be 90 on Boxing Day is number one – and he only played (having retired) because ‘Shack’ was injured. Hard to believe I know, but true.

Comment by Dave Allen

Not sure if you’ve seen this month’s WCM, but Richard Heller chooses 1963 as a Golden Summer, and waxes lyrical about his idol Roy Marshall, who hit an incredible 1,800 runs, during an apparently wet year. Nice accompanying photo of RM in action.

Comment by Chris Davis

I haven’t so I shall dig that out – thank you. Three memories although the first one rather passed me by (midweek, May defeat) – our first knock-out cup match; my first Test Match (day one v West Indies at Oval, ‘Shack’s’ last Test), and our match at Northlands Rd v MCC All England in September, marking our centenary

Comment by Dave Allen

My other special memory of 1963 is that I saw the Beatles live – twice

Comment by Dave Allen

Shak it all over, twist and sweep.

Comment by Chris Davis

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