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December 21, 2021, 7:19 am
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Thanks to all that excellent Archival burrowing I think we have it nearly complete. Here is the list in alphabetical order

Abbott (O/S end of 2022); Barker (2023); Crane (2022); Currie (2024); Dawson (2022); Fuller (2023); Holland (2022); McManus (2023); Organ (2022); Prest (2024); Vince (2022); Weatherley (2022); Wheal (2023); Whiteley (2024) plus next year’s three ‘Rookies’ Albert, Petrie & Turner.

The ones we are still not sure about are: Alsop; Donald (prob 2022); Gubbins (on loan in 2021) & Wood

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Donald was signed on a 2-year contract from 2019 which was extended by two years, so I think we can be fairly sure about 2022 – which means most of our established batsmen are in their final year!

I think Wood must still be in negotiations (/unannounced) as he only signed a contract to the end of 2021 last winter, and suspect the same for Alsop, as his quote from December 2018 (“at least the next three years”) suggests 2021 also: (https://www.thecricketer.com/Topics/hampshire/trio_of_hampshire_players_extend_contracts_which_were_due_to_expire_in_2020.html) – hopefully we’ll hear something soon!

Seems Gubbins contract length was never announced, oddly. I read “long-term” and 2024 on a Middlesex blog but who knows – I guess 2023/2024 is the best we can do for now.

Comment by anglesmcdave

One more thing – Stevie Eskinazi commenting in emojis “cash is king” on Nick’s instagram post when he joined Hampshire, an interesting one. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ226DFp_kg/

Not sure what to make of it – would’ve thought the move is more down to opportunities and facilities but an odd thing to comment so publicly.

Comment by anglesmcdave

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