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December 27, 2021, 8:30 am
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Ian has posted a Comment about the forthcoming auction of Derek Shackleton memorabilia – a couple of days ago, I received an email from another Blogger about the same topic, with a story from the Portsmouth News

I was well aware of the auction and had thought not to mention it here but in response, I guess perhaps I should.

From the club’s point-of-view It’s a long and disappointing story. Briefly, the family loaned it all to us with a view to exhibiting it and we put most of it on display late 2019 at the Members Day in the Atrium (see photo) but since Lockdown we have not been allowed into the Shackleton bar (or upstairs) even out of season to do more with it, or indeed anything else.

Out-of-the-blue last season the family asked for it all back to sell, saying we hadn’t displayed it. We explained why and offered to discuss with them a significant sum which would have kept it all together at the club in the bar dedicated to Derek (and saving them fees). Sadly they declined preferring to sell it and presumably some, most or all of it will go to private collections, with the collection being dispersed.

It’s taken about six months since they collected it all to get this far. We have a sum in Heritage and from the Club to bid for some things and I think that will happen – I’m not involved in the bidding. We will eventually get some bits I guess and let people know.

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James Wigmore article’s headlines in todays Daily Telegraph: “For English batting it’s back to the drawing board (and possibly James Vince). Inadequate coaching and the quality of the County Championship are among the root causes of England’s currrent malaise”

Comment by Dave Allen

If the quality of the County Championship is poor nowadays look no further than the very limited pool of players available to county academies i.e. mainly the products of independent schools. How many potential Bothams or Stokeses are being lost to cricket through lack of exposure to the game at school?

Comment by Ian White

I have just posted a similar comment to this in response to a Times article by Simon Wilde. I think the counties have to do more, much more, to fill the enormous gap caused by cricket’s absence from state schools. Local clubs are trying but it needs much more

Comment by Don Starr

Lovely Covid-related comment in the Guardian this morning: “”If anyone in Melbourne is looking for super quick test results just go to the MCG.”

Comment by Dave Allen

Apparently Tom Prest has been appointed England captain. That’s a rapid elevation but Joe Root has looked pretty lost recently.

Comment by Dave Allen

I said it in the summer – England’s captain should be James Vince. A good captain capable of getting the best out of his players, as good a bat as anyone in the current squad bar Joe Root with the advantage of freeing up Root to concentrate on his batting.

Comment by James

Agnew today (BBC): “We have often debated the negative impact that the domestic structure is having on the technique of England’s batsmen. This latest humbling in Australia should serve as incontrovertible evidence that it is not fit for purpose.

The County Championship has been marginalised to the fringes of the season for the convenience of playing more limited-overs cricket. The ability to produce a solid defence has given way to the desire to hit ramps, scoops and towering sixes. The message from the authorities is the shortest formats are the only interesting or exciting versions of cricket”.

Comment by Dave Allen

I think you forgot profitable in your last sentence

Comment by Tigger Miles

Jonathon Liew’s comments in the Guardian


As a matr of mine used to say “Things will get worse before they get even more worse.”

Comment by Colin Price

So much hand wringing but the solution to England’s Test woes is so blindingly obvious that the average twelve year-old with an interest in cricket could tell you – bring Championship cricket back to the forefront of the game and play it in the Summer. It will take time but it is the only solution.

Maybe the ECB will finally understand this if they pay some consultant thousands of pounds to tell them the obvious.

Comment by James

It’s not all bad news. Chris Silverwood has tested positive and will have to miss the fourth Test. In today’s Telegraph Michael Vaughan gives his thoughts on how to fix English cricket.

Comment by Colin Price

Also in the Telegraph I like this headline: “‘Enough is enough’: Former England players hit out at ECB and blame Hundred for Ashes humiliation” (especially the second bit). One of the former players is Chris Tremlett.

Comment by Dave Allen

Another good one today in the Guardian: “Anderson pleads for England to focus on red-ball cricket after Ashes debacle”. Seems remarkably like a lot of Comments that have appeared on this Blog for some time now!

Comment by Dave Allen

One highlight of the current Ashes series (possibly the only one) is that there is no Michael Vaughan as far as we in the UK are concerned.

Comment by James

Another good piece in the Guardian – https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/dec/29/english-cricket-disarray-ashes-shambles-brexit
Happy New Year to you, Dave, and to everyone.

Comment by Tim Driscoll

Cheers Tim – it is a good piece – and not from the sport section but from the Journal (mind you Bowen was a VERY odd individual with some strange views!)

Comment by Dave Allen

It is an interesting read but I am a little concerned about the last two lines – “The world has moved on. Perhaps cricket lovers should do so too”.

I think many cricket lovers would love to move on.

Comment by James

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