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Happy New Year
December 31, 2021, 2:30 pm
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To all you Bloggers

Boris says: “The UK is in an “incomparably better” position now than this time last year” – I guess he wasn’t thinking of cricket then, about which the BBC offers today a rather less cheerful view. Maybe next year(?)


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If Boris says that then the UK must be in as much trouble as the cricket team if not more.

And on that cheerful note Happy New Year!

Comment by James

Cheers Ruth – almost my era of music!!

Comment by Dave Allen

Happy New Year to everyone!
After recent comments , maybe a year that sees Vince return to the Test side!?

Comment by Nick Jenkins

Happy New Year, Dave, and I hope to see you at the Ageas Bowl in 2022. Any more news on ‘Shack’s auction??

Comment by Dave Wilson

Someone kindly posted a link to the auction listing. If you take lots 1-40 (less a couple which seem not to be Shack related), the total of the top end estimates for each item comes to about £5,900. That doesn’t seem a lot for the club to offer, and I would have thought the family would welcome a guaranteed top-end price, with no auction fees, if any offer was made soon. Otherwise it seems likely that the collection will be split up, and possibly that Hampshire fans who might want to donate end up competing for some items, pushing the price up, letting others slip through the net. Seems sad that it can’t be retained in its entirety.

Comment by dmashala

It’s simple really. When they asked for it all back we told them we would like to discuss a price with them, having a sum available (which was certainly in the thousands). They declined and came to the ground to collect it (from me). It was never mentioned again; their choice entirely – and not the first (or second, or third …) time that items loaned by the families of deceased former players have been asked to be returned. We have a policy now of accepting such items as permanent gifts or not at all. Members of Heritage (not me) will bid for some items and I’ll let you know what happens.

Comment by Dave Allen

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