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61 from ’61
June 28, 2022, 7:36 am
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We are 61 years from the glorious summer of 1961 and in this very week in the Championship season we were playing Essex on the Isle of Wight in a match which had a significant bearing on the title. What’s more we struggled for much of it and going into the last afternoon, Essex were favourites to win.

On the first day they declared at 321-9 and during the innings our star opening bat, Roy Marshall, suffered a bad hand injury and batted instead at number seven when we conceded a lead of 90. Essex, confident that Marshall could not contribute significantly, set Hampshire 241 to win and reduced us to 35-4.

At this point our captain Colin Ingleby-Mackenzie began the highest score of his first-class career, supported initially by Danny Livingstone (121-5), then bowler Alan Wassell (171-6) before Marshall arrived, needing a further 70 to win with only the tail to follow – but Essex could not break the partnership, Marshall ending on 36*, the ‘skipper’ 132*, and we took the win points on our way to first place.

During that same three days Surrey were playing …

Kent! Who scored 400-8 declared and the match was drawn.

It’s clearly an Omen (or three)!

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Have Essex ever been docked points for a poor pitch?

Comment by vern1970

Not sure Vern although when they won the title at Taunton in 2019 they made a fuss about that pitch, when nearly bowled out in no time and Somerset were fined – it’s maybe going to bite them in the bum now.

Comment by Dave Allen

In 1989 Essex were deducted 25 points for their pitch at Southend when Yorkshire visited. Hants (8,8,8) and Derbys (25,8,8) have each been penalized three times since 1989 when such penalties were introduced.

PS (from Dave Allen) I’m being cheeky here and jumping in because the replies are all used up. 1989 was very interesting because Essex finished 2nd only six points behind Worcestershire – the penalty points were crucial.

Comment by Hedgehog

Fingers crossed for a good day. Organ was great yesterday, I think being positive against Harmer is the way to go. He’s going to get you out so may as well make the most of your time in the middle.

Hopefully we can channel some of England’s recent chasing ability!

Comment by Tom Johnson

ECB Regulations: “Pitches should be prepared to provide an even contest between bat and ball and should allow all disciplines in the game to flourish. In all cases, pitches will be judged on how they play, and not whether they are dry or what colour they are etc.

A “Below Average” pitch shows “Excessive turn from the protected area on the first or second playing days of the match”. The criteria for a “poor pitch” however, makes no mention of turn although includes “excessive seam movement at any stage of the match”.

Comment by Dave Allen

First Over: Apart from the first innings of the season (Somerset 180) this is now Hampshire’s highest first wicket partnership of the season (beats 38)

Comment by Dave Allen

Excellent start and a brave, intelligent decision to send Fuller in first down. I hope it works.

Comment by Dave Allen

Not quite, positive move though.

Comment by Paul

Sadly, three men bowled trying to cut the best off-spinner in County Cricket on a spinner’s pitch is not positive, it’s silly.

Comment by Dave Allen

Unlucky Keith Barker. Deserved to pull that one off

Comment by John L

Unless Surrey win tonight we’re top of the table for 24 hours. Make the most of it.

Comment by Dave Allen

The captain is very cross (Twitter). He said because of the conditions they had to play “village cricket” and is clearly unhappy about the ball that appeared after a change. I guess Essex might get in trouble for the pitch but I wonder whether he might too? All a bit sad really.

Comment by Dave Allen

Essex won’t get into trouble, they’ve been getting away with it for years!

Comment by John L

The pitch appears to have been very spin-friendly and we have been penalised for that in the past so will the ECB similarly punish Essex? Probably not because it’s the ECB and the aren’t known for fair-play or logic.

But the conditions were the same for both sides and our best spinner is out of form and not playing so Essex had the advantage and took it.

Time for some self-reflection at Hampshire?

Comment by James

I certainly think it would be unfortunate if we merely blame external forces for the defeat – I guess for both sides this was a real up-and-down performance – ‘good in parts’?

Comment by Dave Allen

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