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July 28, 2022, 7:29 am
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The back of a fag packet to work this out properly but it seems to me that if we win today and Surrey and Lancs both draw we will be 8 points behind Surrey tonight and 26 points ahead of Lancs.

If Surrey lose we’ll be level with them (does this seem right?). But if we are 8 points behind then the fact that they will have 10 more batting points than us becomes significant. As for Lancs, if the gap is 26 points we’ll have to play poorly in the three September matches for them to overtake us in which case Surrey will be out of sight. Lancs need to win today to stay in touch but it won’t be easy.

So, over to the batters. I’ve been out-and-about a lot this week and seen more silent live stream or phone updates than I’ve heard commentaries. Is it true we dropped SIX catches yesterday? If so, that’s not wonderful. I hope it won’t cost us today. I’ve heard too a rumour from up in Scarborough that the Met Office forecast is either for rain or dry – make of that what you will!

PS There have been comments about Hampshire’s RL Cup side and possible loans or signings given that we will be down to the bare bones. I’ve been assuming as last year that Barker won’t play but Abbott will captain. But last year Abbott came back for the first of our four September matches and was then injured, missing the vital run-in. Abbas came back after a break but was isolating (I think) for the first game so Abbott and Abbas never played together in the four late Div One games. I’d rather they picked me (or you) than have that happen again this year.

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Kyle interview with Kevan last night said he was really looking forward to the break. Whether that was a break between now and the first group game on the 5th August or now and September I don’t know.

Comment by Ian Pearce

I thought he meant before 5 August, but agree it was difficult to tell. If we look like winning today, I’ll ask him. (I’ll steer well clear if things aren’t going well!)

Comment by dmashala

Despite my lack of a fag packet, I have just done the same calculations and reached the same conclusions.
I think it was five drops, but that’s bad enough

Comment by dmashala

Cheers both. A break sounds like he probably won’t play then. We’re not winning that with our squad so I can’t care. I’m going to the office today to help organise the Past Players reunion (v Lancs in RL Cup). Maybe some of them could turn out – Dennis Baldry is a Champion and he’s only 90.

Comment by Dave Allen

I’ll check my diary! We should field a complete second IX for the Royal London Cup but it is £21 on the day to watch for an adult!!

Comment by vern1970

Kyle says that he may miss the first couple of RLODC games but is likely to play the rest of the games

Comment by dmashala

Thank you. Terrific effort by our openers this morning but sadly Warwicks and Kent doing their best to spoil the day – Brad Wheal isn’t helping much! If we all win, Surrey simply add two points to their lead of four days ago.

Comment by Dave Allen

At about 130-0 I had to finish off an urgent piece about the IOW for the RL Cup Programme. 20+ minutes later I send it off, go back to the Live Feed and we’re collapsing. I do not like that!

Comment by Dave Allen

I know there are a few hours left but I suspect Essex v Somerset may end in a draw with Somerset 556-4 in the second innings of the match as I write. So that’s 1061 runs for 13 wickets after three and a half days.

Bearing in mind that when we played there the wicket was a batting nightmare with bounce and exaggerated turn from the off but was regarded as above average will this track be marked utterly superb or bleddy awful do you think?

(And will Essex be returning entrance fees for those who had to endure this non-event?)

Comment by James

Good question James – at least it reduces their relatively slim prospects.

Comment by Dave Allen

The first match of the season at Chelmsford was similar to this one. Pitches at Chelmsford seem to go from the sublime to the ridiculous – or from the ridiculous to another sort of ridiculous

Comment by dmashala

If it was me I would sack their Groundsman and deduct them points. At least our Grounsman seems to almost always prepare good, fair result pitches..

Comment by Martin J

I think our groundsman came from Taunton! re Somerset v Essex 2019!

Comment by vern1970

Excellent win (again). Let’s hope for a miracle or two elsewhere.

Comment by Dave Allen

Wickets between briggs and wheal but not looking to make any difference to the result.

I must say winning 8 out of 11 would in most years be plenty enough to have a comfortable lead so you have to give credit to surrey for the their relentless pace setting. As frustrating as it is and as much as I know people really want to see it happen as do I of course, whoever wins the county chanpionship would have earned it.

Comment by Michael S

Absolutely right. Surrey – with Test calls – are a very fine side but you never know.

Comment by Dave Allen

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