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August 30, 2022, 6:58 pm
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We’re not going to win it but I think it was truly memorable. Here are some of the final stats:

Most runs:

Tom Prest 402 (n 9 completed innings); Nick Gubbins 386 (9); Toby Albert 339 (7); Aneurin Donald 227 (9); Fletcha Middleton 219 (8); Ben Brown 191 (9); Felix Organ 140 (7); Scott Currie 122 (6); Ian Holland 113 (2); Keith Barker 57 (3); John Turner 23 (3); Dom Kelly 17 (1); Jack Campbell 1 (2).

Most wickets

John Turner 20-334 runs; Scott Currie 18-452; Jack Campbell 17-370; Ian Holland 8-213; Felix Organ 5-259; Keith Barker 4-114; Nick Gubbins 2-201; Tom Prest 1-42; Dom Kelly 0-36

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An excellent run for our boys but I think there should be an age limit in this competition. I’d suggest 45.

Comment by James

I was hoping to play next year!

Comment by Dave Allen

Imagine bowling 10 for 45 in an innings that went at over 6 then scoring 84 from 65 to win a semi-final in the knowledge that the team you are playing for think you are too old to contribute to the side!

Comment by joster69

I have enjoyed this competition so much. Regardless of today’s result the team should be very proud of themselves the resilience they have shown to win so many matches that seemed unlikely or almost impossible. Even today they played to the end without giving up. I think we have seen some stars of the future and it looks good. The run Hampshire have been on across competitionsome has been phenomenal. I am pleased we have, apart from Holland’s time with USA, basically stuck with the same side has made me extra proud. I would rather have lost with the inexperienced side we had today than ditch those who got us here for a win. I hope in time the younger team members will recognise what they have achieved rather than dwelling on this loss. All said a great time to be a Hampshire supporter.

Comment by AngelaW

Well said Angela, I couldn’t agree more.

Comment by James

Summed up perfectly!

Comment by joster69

Lovely! Thank you.

Comment by Dave Allen

I’ii second that. Very fine words Angela

Comment by Martin J

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