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And the bowling
September 29, 2022, 9:32 pm
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Pretty much to expectation, including the most improved man in the squad.

Abbas 50 wickets at 17.62

Abbott 58 wickets at 19.98

Barker 52 wickets at 22.38

After that: Wheal 11 at 22.18; Holland 19 at 26.47; Dawson 24 at 28.33; Fuller 28 at 28.78; Organ 10 at 31.40 (Crane 0-108; Gubbins 0-4).

Apart from Crane’s one match (did not bat and no wickets) Hampshire used only 13 players – today’s side plus Dawson and Abbott.

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The non contribution/appearances/develoment of Mason Crane tells us what is going to be wrong in the Strauss HP future ________________________________

Comment by headingley3bx

It’s very sad – he seems to be entirely a white-ball player now.

Comment by Dave Allen

Maybe I missed the explanation as I am living abroad now but can someone explain to me why Warwickshire were allowed to declare their first innings early meaning that we could not claim another 2 bowling points?

Comment by vern1970

It’s simply within the rules of that competition Vern – declaration always possible (forfeits). One of the worries about a team built on three terrific but ageing pace men is that they run out of steam – in that first innings Abbas and Barker jointly 0-107, Barker didn’t bowl in the second innings and for the second year Abbott wasn’t fit in September – Warwicks lost 14 wickets to our 20 in the match.

Comment by Dave Allen

So for example team A are 21 points ahead of team B and they play each other in the final game. Team A win the toss and bat, all they have to do is declare when they lose their second wicket?

Comment by vern1970

To be fair to Warwickshire they were probably closer to a third batting point than we were to getting a second bowling point……we still needed 2 wickets & the current partnership had put on 58. The Umpires can get involved if a ream deliberately declare to stop the opponents reaching a particular milestone for points. Warwickshire needed to win & with all the weather around they needed to be bold…….sadly it worked for them rather than us but they definitely had more to lose.

Comment by joster69

(Reply to Vern) Yes, although there is the possibility of a points deduction for bringing the game into disrepute – in a B&H knock-out match at Taunton in 1979, Brian Rose declared v Worcs after one over (1-0) to ensure qualification. Worcs won of course but Somerset were kicked out**. But I have to say everything that happened at Edgbaston justified Warwickshire’s declaration after loss to overs to rain – it was our fault that we couldn’t take more wickets even when they were throwing the bat – their undefeated 5th wicket scored 58 from 51 balls.

PLUS we put them in, not backing ourselves to get five batting points or maybe even three then, with Warwicks under pressure, picking up some cheap wickets. If you insert a side you allow them to play it however they wish.

** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worcestershire_v_Somerset,_1979

Comment by Dave Allen

It is a pretty strange ‘stat’ that we after winning the toss in six matches we beat only bottom team Gloucs (twice).

Comment by Dave Allen

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