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October 12, 2022, 5:05 pm
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Here’s a quiz question for you (answer in the first Comment)

What do Hampshire have in common with these seven counties?

Derbyshire, Essex, Glamorgan, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Middlesex, Northants.

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Nobody who played for those eight counties has been chosen in the 30 players who have either (i) a Central Contract (ii) and Increment contract or (iii) a Pace-bowling development contract.

Comment by Dave Allen

Lancashire, Surrey and Yorkshire each have three central contracts – Sussex and Durham have two. Although Northants have no-one, David Willey (increment) is moving from Yorkshire to Northants next season. Worcs have just one central contract (Moeen Ali) but similarly will lose him to Warwickshire.

Comment by Dave Allen

You could also add to that two more from Lancs and one from Surrey for the Pakistan Tests

Comment by Dave Allen

Have to say the selection of Liam Livingstone for the Tests in Pakistan is a complete mystery and what sort of message does this send to county pros playing red ball cricket week in week out? Not to mention what the other Liam might think!

Comment by John L

Yes indeed John

Comment by Dave Allen

I think the squad is ok and a horse for courses. Jennings and Duckett are strong Championship performers who deserve it.

Livingstone and Jacks will no doubt fight it out for the 8 spot as the second spinner.

Dawson was unlucky I think but two left spinners probably counted against him.

Comment by Tom Johnson

In my opinion Tom none of those you listed are anywhere close to being Test match cricketers but my judgement is based on Test cricket as it was a few years ago and not nowadays where it is a vastly different game and one which doesn’t really interest me.

(I’m old in case you hadn’t realised it!).

Comment by James

The selectors, whoever they are, like Livingstone despite him not really offering any proof of Test Match ability. Mainly because he hits the ball a long way.
He’s played no red ball cricket at all in 2022.
What a strange set -up we have now.

Comment by henry thompson

He’s only offered limited proof of white ball ability and is highly overrated to my mind but he fits the Bazball criteria so who am I to disagree with the selectors!

Comment by John L

Some stats – and remembering that Moeen and Rashid are both declining to play Test cricket: Jacks is a batter who happened to be the leading spinner for the County Champions this year with 17 wickets at 47 each. Livingstone overall has 43 first-class wickets at 36 each. He last played in the Championship in August 2021 (one of six matches that year).

There again Liam Dawson took 24 Championship wickets this year at 28 each including 10 at 14 each on the Chelmsford rubbish heap – hardly an irresistible case (yet 2021 was his best wickets haul since 2017)

Like James I’m old (plus) – first Championship game I saw, the opposition fielded a couple called Lock & Laker. It’s not nostalgia to claim the game ain’t what it was!

Comment by Dave Allen

A lovely piece on the Club’s website about Danny Livingstone. Thanks Dave.

Comment by James

Many thanks James

Comment by Dave Allen

Although there is a photo of Danny on the page of article headlines, the absence of any photographs with the article is baffling to me. (I know it’s not your fault Dave!)

Comment by Hedgehog

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