Hampshire Cricket History

What’s Going On?
September 22, 2021, 12:20 pm
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PS See my first Comment to understand the Marvin Gaye title – it’s nothing to do with my observation that I’m watching Hampshire’s opening BATTERS take the field (I guess you’ve heard). And one of them is Mason Crane (clearly not playing as a bowler)

I can’t say that change upsets me. We have fieldERS, bowlERS, wicket-keepERS, runnERS etc so why not batters? The interesting thing for me is that as a commentator I’ll forget from time-to-time. Will I be fined.

And even while I’m typing that, one of our BATTERS has gone already. In Div One his scores, opening the batting have been 0 & 3; 28 & 44; 3 & 16; 1 & 0. That’s 95 runs at 11.875. Not good enough.

Another Omen? And a Quandary
September 22, 2021, 6:55 am
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When we went into the penultimate match of 1961 v Derbyshire at Bournemouth we knew that a win would clinch the title and that duly happened. But the other possibility was that Yorkshire our closest challengers, would not win their game.

After a difficult second day our eyes strayed occasionally to their potentially crucial match, which just happened to be at Edgbaston. When it ended in a draw it was belt-and-braces for us and a draw there this week could be rather handy.

The quandary? I’ve had all sorts in the diary yesterday and today, so my plan has always been to leave around 5am tomorrow (Thursday) morning and drive up (probably just under five hours). I have tickets for Thursday and Friday and a hotel room across the road but it’s long drive (etc). There has to be a distinct possibility that (a) it will finish on Thursday and (b) we won’t win. Even if we do win, the title might be decided at Edgbaston on Friday.

I guess I could drive up, witness our thrilling win, have a good night’s kip and drive back via Edgbaston to cheer on Somerset so I am there at the crucial moment, but that does feel a bit bonkers.

If it’s a bad day today that might be decisive for me but here’s hoping it’s not. What would you do?

“Good Start”
September 21, 2021, 4:08 pm
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Says Scott Read. He means the first Abbas wicket

I’ve been very busy all day but caught snatches of the play here and there. Glad to see Mason Crane top-scoring and facing the most balls but not quite what was wanted this morning.

Interesting also to see Luke Wells at number three and apparently averaging 44 this season. I remember being at Hove at the start of last year when there was controversy about his omission from the Sussex side. I thought then and think still that he might have been persuaded to move 70 miles west and clinch a place in out top three.

The big problem now is that we can’t get more than 19 points which would leave us on 77.5 whereas Warwickshire can still reach 79 and Lancashire can still reach 78.5 (mind you, if Lancashire get there we’ll have lost).

PS Hampshire were the only side to drop bonus points today (five for batting) and Lancashire the one side to secure maximum points from a completed innings. It looks tomorrow as though Warwickshire will miss one point (400) and maybe two. Notts might get the third batting point at 300 but perhaps drop the next two.

Here We Go
September 21, 2021, 6:30 am
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If we get four bonus points I don’t think Lancashire can overtake us unless they win. Even if they get eight points if it’s a draw, we’ll be ahead of them on most wins so they would then have to win which means either stuffing us or keeping the game ‘open’.

If we get five points the same applies to Warwickshire – we’re ahead of them on results between us – so they must win since if we don’t draw, a Lancashire win will threaten them.

Unless defeated, two bonus points puts us ahead of Notts who we beat (and who have already lost two games to our 0.5)

How Many?
September 20, 2021, 12:35 pm
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Try this

We are the only side that can get to 80 points and beyond.

21 points will see Hampshire Champions – or the equivalent, each time the other three fail to get a batting or bowling point. So if Warwicks and Lancs only get three batting points that target reduces by two points (etc).

That’s assuming there are some winners

If we lose to Lancashire we cannot be Champions

If all three games are drawn then 6 bonus points (plus eight for the draw) will do for us

TIE BREAKS? Complicated – because of the 0.5 points carried over, I think only Lancashire can finish level with us, if the game is drawn, and they get four more bonus points.

In that case, it’s most wins and in those circumstances we would have two wins to Lancashire’s 1.5 and would be Champions. If we’re out of it, a tie break between Warwicks and Notts goes (1) most wins (2) fewest losses (3) the result between them this year.

And so …
September 20, 2021, 11:28 am
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The end is nigh …

(Blow the curtain – I wish I could be certain!)

I mentioned that beating Notts is a handy omen before the crucial game – here’s another one:

After the conclusion of the County Championship in 1973, our last year as Champions, our next first-class-match was not until 24 April of the following season, 1974, when we played the MCC as the Champion County at Lord’s.

If we win the title this week our next first-class match will be as the Champion County at Lord’s in the Bob Willis Trophy.

It struck me too that we will be the only one of the four contenders this week none of whose players were born when we last won it – and any supporters that can remember the last one will be well past their half-century and on their way to three figures. The other three sides have all won this century – so it’s our turn!

It was the best of teams …
September 19, 2021, 8:03 pm
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MANY Congratulations to Hampshire side Calmore Sports who won the Village Cup at Lord’s today.

Check Mike Vimpany’s report (with photo) which begins:

Calmore Sports have won the Venous Village Cup at the first time of asking – Ben Johns hitting a superb unbeaten half-century to steer the Southern Premier League club to a magnificent six-wicket win over Alvanley with seven balls of a rain trimmed Lord’s final to spare”.

(See more online at Vimps at the Crease)


It Was the Worst of Teams

Vimps also published a piece in the Pompey News on Friday about Basingstoke CC which began with a tale about wicket-keeper George Metzger formerly of Hampshire Academy and 2nd XI:

“… Metzger is among a record-breaking group of EIGHT Basingstoke & North Hants cricketers hit with suspensions as a result of indiscipline in the same match”

After a match v Rowledge, Metzger and 19-year-old bowler Tyler Bradley were charged with ‘threat of assault or physical interference’ on an opposition batsman. The club captain was suspended by the club for two matches and five other players each suspended for one match. As a consequence they fell to a record defeat v Andover by 184 runs. Metzger – already on a suspended ban from playing for Havant – and Bradley missed today’s Plate Final at the Ageas Bowl v Waterlooville.

T20 Figures
September 19, 2021, 7:06 pm
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A few bits-and-pieces about the most regular players:


Runs, average and strike rate. Weatherley, last among the Championship batsmen, top in the T20. One century by Vince.

Weatherley 410 runs @ 37.27 – SR 142

Vince 373 @ 31.08 – SR 136

Short 316 @ 26.33 – SR 139

Prest 135 @ 22.50 – SR 115

de Grandhomme 150 @ 21.42 – SR 153

McManus 199 @ 19.90 – SR 140

Fuller 194 @ 19.40 – SR 136


Economy Rates: After Liam, the regular bowlers (10+ overs) pretty well all went at around 7.8 with little to choose between them:

Dawson 7.11 runs per over (10 wkts)

Crane 7.79 (16)

Wheal 7.86 (17)

Currie 7.87 (19)

Wood 7.92 (13)

Explain that to me please
September 18, 2021, 4:10 pm
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I’m at a conference all day. We get a coffee break and I discover the top three (an entirely different top three from the Championship) have been blown away. It looks like we’re losing.

Back to work, but then I get 45 minutes at lunch when I find we have posted a decent target and I watch until with about five overs to go and Somerset six down they still need maybe 60.

It’s clearly in the bag then. I give my talk which goes well (certainly better than Pompey FC) and come out to discover the result.

I guess it blows the myth of a resilient, last minute.com team but explain it please.

At least we’re consistent at Edgbaston Finals days – six times, six defeats.

So The New Vaudeville BAND
September 17, 2021, 4:58 pm
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didn’t do it for you guys then?

How about Finals day? We’ve named 14 with Alsop replacing D’Arcy Short and only three capped players. I wonder whether Kyle, the only overseas player (unless Fuller & Holland count) is fit?

Maybe for four overs rather than four days? I’d prefer to see him playing in Liverpool.

I’m off to a conference all day tomorrow to talk about music, so unless we reach an Edgbaston Final (unheard of to date) I’ll miss all the excitement.