Hampshire Cricket History

From the Ground
February 18, 2019, 2:17 pm
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I’ve been in today, preparing for next Monday morning’s visit from the World Cup** and sorting out some Robin Smith display materials. Saw quite a few players around (Mason, Tom, Gareth, Chris Wood) – also a brand new coach.

**Also appearing at Broadhalfpenny Down next Sunday afternoon

James and Liam are off to Dubai to play in the Pakistan Super League. It sometimes seems strange to note how many different teams players now play for. For example, from 1932, in 23 seasons, Gerry Hill played in 371 first-class matches and every one of them was for Hampshire.

On the other hand in the great days of Hambledon/Hampshire in the 18th century, ‘Silver Billy’ Beldham (below) played for them plus no fewer than 40 other first-class sides! Thomas Walker added 34 more sides and multiple teams was quite common (plus ca change huh?)



Loads of them then …
February 12, 2019, 5:08 pm
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South African seamer Alfonso Thomas and Hampshire’s Jimmy Adams are to join the Hampshire Cricket coaching staff as Assistant Coaches. Adrian Birrell arrives soon as the ‘boss’.

PS (Friday) BBC: “Former Derbyshire* and England bowler Dominic Cork has returned to the county as their head coach for the 2019 T20 Blast season”.

(*and Lancs and Hampshire, with whom he won the T20 as captain)

Gone the other way
February 11, 2019, 7:43 pm
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Over the years, Hampshire have signed more than a full eleven of players from Middlesex, but tonight the BBC reports that “Middlesex have signed 17-year-old Afghanistan spinner Mujeeb ur Rahman for the 2019 Twenty20 Blast campaign” – a year after he played for Hampshire.

Why Not?
February 11, 2019, 3:15 pm
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Did you watch the Rugby? England did well, all fifteen – no sorry – all 23 of them; they used eight ‘replacements. France did the same, making it a 23-a-side match. I guess they needed them, even though the match only lasts 80 minutes.

Test Matches are supposed to last five days (x six+ hours) but you can’t have a replacement, so this morning, not yet halfway through and with the West Indies captain suspended, their attack has Gabriel struggling with a hamstring problem. Meanwhile, Paul who took a wicket with the first ball is apparently now out of the game with another bad injury. England are cashing in, almost 200 ahead against half an attack with no subs/replacements allowed.

Tough luck on the spectators (including those of us who purchase ‘TV tickets’) but who cares about them?

Pardon Bumble?
February 10, 2019, 7:22 pm
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Just after tea in the West Indies, Bumble was reminiscing about Andy Roberts playing at Hampshire (while Bumble was with Lancashire), and told the viewers that while Roberts scared people, the “fellow at the other end”, Tom Mottram, finished top of the averages, by getting people caught at long-on and long-off.

Well Bumble likes a laugh and is good fun, but I doubt whether Tom ever bowled with anyone at long-on or long off (although Gilliat was handy at mid-on/off). But here’s the truth – from Roberts’ first full season (one game in 1973):

1974: Roberts top, Mottram did not play one Championship match

1975: Roberts top, Mottram seventh with 17 wickets in seven games

1976: Roberts toured with West Indies and did not play. Mottram third with 17 wickets (Sainsbury top)

1977: Roberts top, Mottram did not play

Then in 1978, Roberts (and Richards) departed halfway through the season

Not quite correct then Bumble.

Average 2.6 (recurring)
February 9, 2019, 3:51 pm
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It’s been difficult watching the Test Match today, not so much the batting this time as a frequent picture/sound break-up. The rest of my TV seems ok, so I guess it’s the signal from the match? I have managed to see Keaton Jennings out LBW but not given and not referred, and I’ve seen him dropped at slip, before he was caught at slip – so eight runs for three times out. They might as well have let Foakes open.

Never Again!
February 8, 2019, 5:47 pm
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Only once in living memory (for some of us) have Hampshire finished in last place in the County Championship (1980). In total they have finished there six times, but the other five were in the first years of the 20th century. Even John Manners wasn’t around then!

That total of six is really five-and-a-half, since in 1903 they shared the ‘wooden spoon’ with Leicestershire. That puts them about halfway up/down in the table, since eight sides have finished last between six and 16 occasions.

OK, a few questions for fun, with, as usual, the answers in the first Comment. Everything derived from an article in the latest edition of the Cricket Statistician

  1. Name the three sides that have never finished last
  2. Name the county that has done so the most (16)
  3. In the 1900s, Hampshire finished last over four successive seasons. Name the only county with a worse record (five)
  4. Of the 15 counties that have finished last, name the only one never to do so since the Second World War