Hampshire Cricket History

April 19, 2016, 5:00 pm
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Hampshire have avoided the follow-on. Surely that message was inconceivable last night. As I mentioned on Sunday, Hampshire have won more matches than they have lost at Headingley and now it will be very disappointing if that is not still the case this time tomorrow. Congratulations to them all.

Is It True?
April 19, 2016, 3:29 pm
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One of the great sporting clichés is that you make your own luck. I’m not sure how that might be applied to the current Hampshire injury crisis which, despite a magnificent fighting display today, gets worse and worse.

Without Gareth Berg, Hampshire’s pre-season photo had 19 players who are eligible for the County Championship (two more T20 guys to arrive). Berg was at that point already injured and out for a couple of months, while Stevenson (injured back) is this week coming back in the 2nd XI, but only as a batsman. Otherwise:

Adams has an injured ankle, Topley fractured hand (maybe eight weeks?), Wood injured knee, Dawson torn stomach muscles (rumour three weeks), Ervine is still batting with an injured finger on left hand – same as last season’s injury and an X-Ray tonight.

That’s seven injuries which leaves just 13 fit players, including Weatherley who started this season having not played one first-class match, Alsop (two), Crane (three), McManus two), Taylor (two) and Wheal (four). So by Thursday they could have just seven fully-fit players who have played 10 or more first-class games! It’s a good job they have 10 blank days to come … and time to sign a loan player (or three).

Nonetheless, a terrific effort today.

Gone with the Wind?
April 19, 2016, 6:15 am
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Let’s hope not – it was a bloody cold one yesterday literally and metaphorically. But as Scarlet famously said about tomorrow …

Hampshire came into this game with only on Div One defeat in the last seven and that was the somewhat unlucky ‘punt’ v Yorks at home last September. Can they save this one? Well Vince and Ervine both have a career HS in the 200s, Wheater in the 100s and McLaren made 80-odd last week so … At the very least we might keep them out there for a long while and then following on they might be a bit tired.

Then there’s over rate. Ageas spotted an apparent tightening up and a good thing too – I’ve no sympathy and if we have to provide fodder through Alsop and Smith because Edwards can’t bowl properly, hard luck

But talking of luck – we’re not having much right now are we?

PS 2nd XI:

For Surrey, Wilson scored 96 and Dunn has 5-8 so far. Of our ‘aspirants’, Wheal took 2-86 and Taylor 0-71 while Weatherley went for 6, McManus 0, Stevenson (who did not bowl) 0 and Taylor 1. Our best hope must be one of our not out batsmen whose name is Mead!


Reasons to be cheerful
April 18, 2016, 5:56 pm
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Dave Hove

Sunshine, deckchair, grass beneath my feet, coffee & a bacon sarnie and at this point (around 10.45am) I hadn’t of course started following the score at Headingley and I was yet to hear about the 2ndXI v Surrey. I was thinking of going to watch that on Wednesday but maybe not. I said below that Hampshire weren’t playing today but I will excuse the skipper from that observation. His effort today is precisely the kind of innings he needs to play if he’s to get in the Test side, so well done James.

Otherwise? Well the worst day in Hampshire’s history will always be day three v Yorkshire at Bournemouth in 1974. If you include the 2nd XI, today might be the runner-up! There again, there’s always tomorrow.

Chilly fingers
April 18, 2016, 5:34 pm
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There was some beautiful sunshine this morning but the wind was freezing and by tea I’d retreated inside

cold umpire.jpg

The umpire wore gloves to hang on to his hat, the players had warmers in their pockets

Briggs screen

Time for a spinner then

Briggs bowls.JPG

Danny bowled a tight spell as Westley and Ryder mounted a recovery – until Briggs had Westley caught at midwicket.

Should have gone to …
April 18, 2016, 5:24 pm
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Did he wear the proper helmet? I’ve no idea. If he did, it certainly didn’t help the England captain:

Cook out

Here he is about to ‘knick’ Magoffin who was typically excellent

Cook departs

Off he goes, for a chat with his mate Trevor:

Cook & bayliss


Working up a thirst
April 18, 2016, 5:15 pm
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Essex took a wicket with the fifth ball of the morning and sure enough, on rushed the twelfth man with his milk crate. Fortunately the last wicket took just one ball so all the players got back to the pavilion around 11.05 without needing further assistance.

Drinks break


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