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Value for Money?
August 8, 2017, 3:38 pm
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The fixture list and the rain are not making it easy for those who favour the traditional (daytime) form of the County Championship are they? If that is your preference, then this year at the Ageas Bowl,  from the end of the Warwicks match (5 June) there is a gap of exactly three months until the start of the Surrey game on 5 September

In that three months there are two other four-day games. The first was against Somerset and was played with a late start, under lights. The weather was poor and more than 40% of the match was lost.

A further 96 overs have been lost today, taking the total in those two games beyond the equivalent of three full days – and the forecast is not great tomorrow. Since the ground is clearly very wet, there must be a good chance that by tomorrow evening, the equivalent of one of the two games in that three months period will have sunk.

There’s always been rain of course but if you offer so few matches, then the risks of a higher percentage of time lost are greater. Many decades ago, in my first year as a member, there were 16 home games in 19 weeks plus two first-class friendlies at home, and only twice were Hampshire away for a whole fortnight. In 2017, seven home games, spread out over nearly six months, seems too risky.

The good news however is that even if there is no play tomorrow, this match is just outside the Top Ten rain-affected matches at the Rose/Ageas Bowl (by three overs so far)! In addition, while, over the years, whole matches were abandoned at Southampton and Bournemouth, no first-class match at the new ground has lasted fewer than 100 overs.

The Curse of the Bowl
August 8, 2017, 10:04 am
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Strikes again!

15 miles to the east, a completely dry morning follows a dry night – but no play before lunch. It’s all off to Beefy’s then!

PS ‘Sadly’ they are playing at Taunton Vale, where Somerset 2nd XI went on to reach 280 before the last man was run out. In reply, Hampshire are 8-3 (Alsop and Wood ‘ducks’, & Hay 5 are out). Ref Peter’s point below, it seems from all the players listed so far that Will Smith is not playing.

Mind you Hampshire should be OK now – one of the not out batsmen is Mead!

Oops! Mead still there, but it’s now 8-4.

Organ silenced
August 7, 2017, 12:53 pm
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Sorry about these musical links, I’ll try to desist – I never liked grand organs much until in the 1960s, then there were some great jazz organists from USA (the Jimmys Smith & McGriff etc) and UK (Brian Auger, Graham Bond). My mum liked the Blackpool star Reginald Dixon

All of which leads me to say that Felix Organ has been in-and-out for 13 on his England under-19s debut (v India – he batted at three)

PS Felix is in that squad and there are further games on Weds and Saturday, so I’m guessing that he might not play for 2nd XI in their semi-final on Thursday. We know that Taylor, plus Topley, Rossouw, & Carberry are wounded and now McManus is off, which might mean that Dickinson is needed for the T20 on Thursday evening. Will the 2nd XI have a team?

A. James Vince keeps wicket v Worcestershire

A man of experience – James Vince keeps wicket v Worcs in 2015

Lancs day two
August 7, 2017, 8:26 am
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A month of bashing it about for 20 overs, then back to the 4-Days, and 53 wickets fall in three Div One games, with only one Englishman (Lyth) and two overseas (Franklin and Ten D) passing fifty. Meanwhile in the Test Match, the three recent Championship recruits score a total of 33 runs. It’s a good day for Liam to get a hundred!

(And I’m just wondering whether it’s England that have asked that Liam should bat in the middle order, rather than open. It might be)

PS It appears I’m not alone (something of a relief these days). I haven’t seen an interview with Liam, but Kevan J tells me that Liam also put the low scores down to the month of T20. Well it’s what the players (PCA) wanted – there’s an old Chinese saying …

(Mind you, neither Hameed nor Jimmy have been playing T20)

August 6, 2017, 5:56 pm
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In the T20, Somerset have beaten Surrey pushing Hampshire down to 4th place but it seems to me now that if Hampshire win their three remaining matches they will qualify for the quarter-finals, because they are then bound to finish ahead of Somerset (who they play) while only Sussex below them could overtake those three victories with four of their own (and they play Gloucs, currently ahead of Hampshire, so both cannot win that one).

If they don’t win all three it gets more complicated of course, but they started with three wins so  …

Meanwhile, speaking of the T20 and batting skills, Div One today has been incredible. Do you remember when 16 wickets in a day meant an automatic visit from the Pitch Inspector? In the three games today, 53 wickets have fallen – an average of 17.6 per match – with the Ageas Bowl apparently relatively quiet with just 15! Since Lord’s and the Ageas Bowl are generally among the more batsmen-friendly, and two of the sides opted to bat first there must be another explanation. Was it world class bowling everywhere by all six teams – or maybe the impact (for the first time ever) of a month without any first-class cricket? It’s the future of course.

And after this round, there’s another month until the next one.

Grim Day
August 6, 2017, 1:18 pm
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For English county batsmen. It’s just after 2pm and already 20 men have been dismissed in the three Division One games (anything to do with the recent T20 perhaps?) while Jennings, Westley and Malan have already gone in fewer than 30 overs in the Test match.

Meanwhile, since the Yorkshire story is now less exciting, it’s time to reveal that Neville Rogers carried his bat for Hampshire v Leicestershire at Loughborough in 1953 with an innings of 32* (Hampshire 68 all out)

Here is Neville (standing far left) at the Oval in 1949. Can you name all the others (especially the young man seated far right)? There are no fewer than six Hampshire-born players in the 12

1949 HCCC

Hampshire v Lancashire
August 6, 2017, 6:25 am
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Tigger Stats: http://hampshirecricket.net/Team_Lancashire_FC_records.htm

If you’re going, enjoy the day.

It struck me, thinking about today’s squad with Topley again unfit and Salisbury apparently a one-over-wonder, that Hampshire’s pace attack now consists entirely of overseas players: Abbott, Edwards, Berg, Wheal, Holland and (maybe) Ervine.

That’s a first, for sure.