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No More Reciprocity
October 21, 2014, 6:02 pm
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At the Members’ Committee this evening we were told that Sussex and Kent have cancelled the reciprocal members arrangements with Hampshire (and other counties). It means that if Hampshire fans go to Hove or Canterbury (or wherever) to see a side other than Hampshire, they cannot get in free and presumably cannot use members’ facilities.

We have to pay to watch Hampshire away anyway, but at least we can use members’ facilities.

Over the years I have made regular use of the reciprocal deal with Sussex – and mostly when I visit Hove/Arundel, I spend a fair amount on food, drink, books etc. I’m not alone, and I’m not the only one who is greatly disappointed by the decision.

A Fan’s Forum
October 21, 2014, 7:11 am
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Sent to me – it’s not specifically Hampshire, but not exclusively Sussex either (fortunately we seem to have missed the “vibrant” KP debate):

Hello Hampshire Supporters,
Why don’t you come and join us during the long Winter months on the recently created ‘Unofficial Sussex CCC Forum’. We had a vibrant MB before but due to various reasons where our Club wished to detach themselves from an official Sussex CCC Forum, we have created a new ‘unofficial’ one in recent months and are presently seeking additional Members from other counties.
The topics range from match-fixing and the financial difficulties faced by county clubs to players like KP (a very vibrant discussion in recent weeks!), Matt Prior, Chris Jordan and Luke Wright. Anything that is topical is discussed. There is even a cricket blog attached to the forum written by a cricket journalist covering a wide range of subjects.
We have former newspaper journalists and other cricket/sports writers posting regularly alongside members from the Sussex Hierarchy. Our cricket coach, Mark Robinson, is a regular reader as well as a fair number of Sussex CCC players.
The posts are rarely dull and often contentious, offering lively debates and discussion, where decorum and respect are strongly encouraged.
So, please visit us at this link:

October 20, 2014, 6:18 pm
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MANY thanks again for all the replies to my project on “Supporting Hampshire”. I have about a dozen already and I have worked the first four into a narrative to date.

A couple of people have asked if they can still submit one or are they too late?

Not at all.

At present, I’m thinking this will run throughout next season. I don’t want to scratch the surface, I want to produce a broad and comprehensive account of what Hampshire fans care about, why they like what they like, things they don’t like, fond memories etc. In addition, I want a good mix of respondents – so take your time and if you feel like it, send more thoughts.


Gone for Firewood?
October 20, 2014, 7:27 am
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N Road v Yorksb 2000

Robin Smith leads his side out during the last-ever Championship match at Northlands Road v Yorkshire in 2000. The small pavilion and steps were sold to David Buck, brother of Bill who played once for Hampshire in 1969 and they were situated in a hotel that some of you may know. Well now comes sad news from Martin Jeffery:

“I am a friend of the scorers of Hinton Admiral Cricket Club, near Christchurch amd they had previously acquired the old players balcony in front of the changing rooms at Northlands Road.  The new owners of the Old Vicarage Hotel, who I understand lease the hotel and land From George Meyrick Estates, on which the cricket ground stands, did not want Hinton Admiral Cricket Club to play there any longer as for some inexplicable reason they claimed it had a negative impact on their hotel business.  The hotel owners claimed the balcony was unsafe and despite assurances from the Cricket Club that they would repair it, the hotel demolished and destroyed it and forced the cricket club to play all their fixtures away from home with many at Bashley and Kings Park in Bournemouth.”

(PS: I still have one tile from the roof in the Archives!)

Supporting Hampshire – an Example
October 19, 2014, 8:37 am
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I’m taking a break from the new Hampshire Handbook. Bob & I have pretty much completed the statistical parts and now there are the features and the photos. We will discuss publication dates on Tuesday at the Members’ Committee but it’s unlikely to be before Christmas

Meanwhile I’ve begun work on your responses and I’m hoping Bob won’t mind if I use a small part of his submission to give you a flavour of how it might look. I have added the Australian match details which I will do as often as possible. I will have to take care this does not get too lengthy but I think they will be of interest. I have also included a couple of queries (clarification) that I’ll need to follow-up and I may well need to do that with others. Generally, I won’t publish bits like this, I will get back to you personally, but I thought one example might be of interest. Here goes:

After leaving school, Bob M played cricket just once, at work, but he watched Test Matches on television and that led him in his early twenties to watching Hampshire v Australia at Northlands Road in mid-May 1972. The first day was a Wednesday and Dennis Lillee took the new ball, although his partner Hammond struck first having Greenidge caught behind for four. Richards (73) and Turner then added 125 for the second wicket and Turner went on to score 131, which led some reporters to suggest he was a Test prospect. Three weeks later at Basingstoke he pulled a ball into his face, spent some days in hospital and was perhaps never quite the same player again. In the match against Australia, Hampshire took a lead of 120 (Herman 4-53), declared with five down and watched centurions Stackpole and Watson take the Australians to a nine wicket victory.

Bob joined as a member on that first visit and has been a member ever since, taking out a Life membership in 2007. He worked in Hampshire (check) and is single which means he has the freedom to watch when he wishes. As a consequence, apart from work commitments he has been able to watch Hampshire regularly.

His favourite players are Barry Richards and Malcolm Marshall and he describes them as the “best” he has seen (for Hampshire or for anyone?)

Eventually Bob’s story will be woven into others’ – for example:

Bob M’s favourite players are Barry Richards and Malcolm Marshall. Dave A shares his view of Richards as the “best” batsman he has ever seen but he still has a special fondness for the bowling of Derek Shackleton. Bill J also recalls how he loved watching ‘Shack’ as a boy in Bournemouth …

I made up the Bill J bit, but it illustrates the approach

Dean Park, Bournemouth
October 17, 2014, 7:27 pm
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There is news from the Bournemouth area that the ground has been sold to the Park School and they intend to use the pavilion as classrooms. Apparently there is no news about the ground as a whole and whether it will continue to house cricket. I know no more but will try to discover more – including the future of the pictures (etc) that hang in the pavilion.

If anyone has any news please add a comment. The article can be seen at


Meanwhile, MANY thanks again for all the interest in the Questions. I have a good collection now and when I have completed the 2015 Handbook (fairly soon) I shall get to them and begin to assemble a narrative. My next plan is to approach the Hampshire and Dorset Cricket Societies – so apologies for any duplication.

I’m still happy to send them out and receive more responses

And finally
October 16, 2014, 9:28 am
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(with an invite to add anything you wish)

English Cricket in 2015

  1. In recent years, all first-class counties have competed principally in three forms of the game, County Championship (4 days), limited-overs (40 or 50 overs) and T20. Do you have a preference?
  1. Format: do you like the format for English county cricket 2014 & 2015, including Sunday starts in most Championship matches and Friday evenings for T20s? Would you change anything?
  1. Do you consider yourself an England supporter? Do you watch Test cricket? How does your support for the England side compare with your support for Hampshire?
  1. Are you involved in any other cricket organisations such as local clubs, schools? Are you a player, coach, administrator or supporter?

Keeping Track

  1. Can you tell me how you follow Hampshire Cricket and whether some or all of the following are important to you:

Newspapers, radio summaries, radio ball-by-ball, television, websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, Hampshire Handbook (annual), books about Hampshire cricket or cricketers, match day ‘Round Up’, match day programmes, Wisden or Playfair Cricket Annual, cricket magazines (monthly) or the Cricket Paper (weekly).

A reminder that you can get the whole set of questions from me at


and incidentally if you do that, the numbering is sequential so today’s third section does not start at 1 (etc). But don’t worry – if you answer these posts, I can untangle things.


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