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Abbott in – and out
November 21, 2014, 1:05 pm
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Kyle Abbott dismissed Warner today and 43 runs off his 10 overs was the tightest for SA (Imran Tahir was out injured) but the Aussies won and lead the five match series 3-1. Maxwell also took 1-43 in one less over, but failed again with the bat.

Stormy Weather
November 20, 2014, 8:38 am
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Greetings from a very gloomy Pompey and congratulations to Ian and all the other ‘Shots fans. I’d better turn my mind to the cricket. Here’s part of the answer to my query about the 1948 Aussies

Australian CricketTourists 1948-Mares factory visit-Peltinvain raincoats

I was sent this photo from Basingstoke of the 1948 ‘Aussies’ by Mr Applin who asked me

“Would they have played an exhibition match at May’s Bounty that was not recorded?. The trade name of the macs was PELTINVAIN and they were made by John Mares of B/stoke – a large bespoke and ready to wear tailoring factory. Apparently they presented a ‘mac’ to each player”.

He adds: I am sure the Hants & Berks Gazette would have reported their visit. You can search microfilm copies in the B/stoke Discovery Centre. Each year is on a separate roll so it would not be too much of a chore to look at May/June 1948.

For me however, it’s a 100 mile round trip so not likely to go soon. If anyone happens to be there …

Rovers fans?
November 16, 2014, 10:34 am
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As a college student in the 1970s I played cricket with a chap from Bristol, John Cooper, who later taught with me in Portsmouth. He was a wicket-keeper and played at somewhere like Langstone/Emsworth for many years. He was an avid Bristol Rovers fan who had settled in Hampshire and he came to mind while I was working my way through the responses to my questions from Andy Millard who now lives in the USA. Andy identified himself as a Rovers fan (I’m not sure why) and said

“I have sometimes wondered how many combined Hampshire / Bristol Rovers supporters there are. Probably not many, but more than one I suspect.”

Any more out there?

Two More Questions:

1. Does anyone know anything about a match at Basingstoke in 1948 involving the all-conquering Aussies? (I’ll explain)

2. From Bob Elliott’s reply: does anyone know why Learie Constantine played at Southampton Sports Centre in the early 1950s? What was the event?

(PS: In my compiling process – stage one – I have just one more of the 18 initial responses to sort. The document is around 17,000 words and the next stage is an edit)

A Date for your Diary
November 14, 2014, 4:59 pm
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The PROVISIONAL fixtures are out – they may change of course but I can tell you that at present, three of the first four matches are at home:

2 April (3 days) v Loughborough University

and all in the Championship:

12 April v Sussex

19 April v Warwickshire (Edgbaston)

26 April v Notts

Then it’s off to Headingley

In the Championship, Hove starts on 7 June and at present there are two games at Lord’s – one day on 18 June and four days from 28 June. In September we play four days at Taunton then home v Yorkshire and everything finishes at Trent Bridge. We don’t play Gloucs in the Championship but there is a trip to beautiful Cheltenham.

Incidentally it looks to me as though our penultimate home Championship match finishes on 10 August after which there are just the four days v Yorkshire a month later

RSP (Not)
November 11, 2014, 10:24 pm
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I’m a big fan of Cage Cricket so pleased to be at Eastleigh’s Hub tonight to see the unveiling of the latest specific Cage space – painted by the users. Given the monsoon conditions, the game didn’t last too long but they played! Stuart Robertson (Hampshire Cricket) and Members’ Chairman Terry Crump (under a big umbrella) were both there – Simon Young is the driving force and the coffee and hot dogs (indoors) supplied by Sainsburys (a good Hampshire cricket name) were most welcome:

Eastleigh Cage 1

Eastleigh Cage 2

Eastleigh cage 3

Best Ever?
November 11, 2014, 11:02 am
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I’m engaged in a delightful correspondence about music with one of the respondents to my questions, keith Fray. We share a real fondness for some artists – I used to feel my loves for music and cricket were rather separate things but not always these days – blimey even the Chairman’s a rock guitarist (I’m thinking of HS Altham at this moment …)

Anyway, Keith thinks that as part of the survey (now about three quarters through) I should have asked you to name your all-time best ever Hampshire XI

Good idea Keith

So I will

Stick it on here as a Comment or email me (dave.allen@port.ac.uk) and I’ll include it

Criteria? I’d suggest none or make your own (how many overseas etc?). Otherwise pick a team that could compete in any format – for example if you think George Brown would have been a great batsman/wicketkeeper/fast bowler in the Championship and 50/40/20 overs stick him in. If you think Michael Lumb was only special in short stuff, leave him out.

Another Story
November 10, 2014, 10:26 am
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Jonathan Lord is one of the respondents to my questions about supporting Hampshire cricket. He was born on the opening day of the 1953 season (Hampshire v Essex at Southampton) but his family moved to Scotland in 1959 and he has supported them since from north of the border.

He first saw Hampshire play v Kent at Gillingham on 13 August 1966 – about which there is an odd tale which some of you may remember:

This was a Saturday, just three days after Hampshire had lost in a knock-out semi final for the first time (at Worcester). The game at Gillingham was one of those experimental Championship games that year, when the first innings was limited to just 65 overs although Shackleton (6-59) and Cottam (4-46) ensured that Kent only lasted into the 61st over anyway. Barry Reed was dismissed immediately but on day two Hampshire reached 209-4, a lead of 64 when their innings was closed! Fortunately this ridiculous idea was shelved after one year. Kent then saved the match by batting for 135 overs in scoring 262 all out (Shackleton 44-25-45-2)

I’m hoping Jonathan gave the last day a miss!


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