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Now and Then
July 29, 2015, 10:33 am
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I’m still enjoying these comparisons but maybe I need to start ‘living’ after this bit – unless anyone has a particular thought. I’m not going to compile a complete record of domestic limited overs games since 1963, but here’s one more set of figures.

I’ve checked all the 65/60 overs matches between first-class counties from 1963-1968. I’ve not included any matches involving Minor Counties who came in in 1964. I’ve stopped in 1968 because in the following year the counties all played 16 Sunday League games as well and while we’ve seen from Hampshire’s 1969 ‘stats’ that they were not high scoring, they may have gradually increased

I’ve organised the scores in bands of 50 (300+, 250+, 200+ etc) and I’ve compared the scores in the 188 matches in those six seasons, with all 105 completed matches from last year (2014) when the games lasted just 50 overs.

In the 1960s there were four scores (2%) over 300 – highest 317

In 2015 there were 15 scores (14%) over 300 and two of those over 350 – highest 360

In the 1960s there were 125 scores (67%) under 200, including 18 under 100

In 2015 there were 30 scores (30%) under 200. Only three scores were under 100 but all three were winning scores in matches reduced halfway through by D/L – only six wickets lost in those three innings.

In the 1960s there were 59 scores (31%) between 200-299

In 2015 there were also 59 scores (56%) between 200-299

Given the change from 65/60 overs to 50, there’s no question that rates now are faster and scores higher than in the early days. What I’ve not checked is whether it’s been a continuous upward climb. It may be that sometimes wet summers have an effect, helping bowlers a bit more – although 2014 was a pretty wet period for that competition. For example only one of Hampshire’s four home games went the full distance, the others were rain affected (in the figures above I’ve made no allowance for those reductions).

Saints fan?
July 29, 2015, 7:35 am
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I gather some people are – never seen the attraction myself

However – you may like to know that in the centre spread of the Sports section in today’s Guardian there is a very interesting article about the club’s excellent academy. It certainly puts my lot to shame (including that Oxo Chamberlayne bloke who went to school in Pompey, and is probably a descendant of Thomas)

A Bit More
July 28, 2015, 9:46 pm
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I’m rather enjoying this!

1965 was the third year of the knock out competition (60 overs). Yorkshire’s 317-4 won them the Final and was the only score over 300. In the second round when 16 first-class counties took part in the eight matches, only two scored in excess of 170 – Hampshire with 208 at Portsmouth and Sussex 206 at Worcester, both all out. Not one score of 3.5 runs over the full 60 overs.

Writing about the Final in the Playfair Annual, Gordon Ross suggested that Surrey’s semi final victory against Middx was “perhaps … the greatest” because they won it after “needing 57 off the last ten overs and getting them!”

57 off 10! Amazing!

PS Glamorgan won last night, coming back after a rain break to score 95 runs in 44 balls. Gordon Ross would have liked that!

July 28, 2015, 7:34 pm
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Ageas isn’t keen that I’m citing one score by Hampshire yesterday as representing a ‘trend’. Fair enough but the World Cup suggested that limited overs scores are generally on the rise (some over 400) although changes in fielding restrictions and using two balls (?) might change that back towards bowlers

But consider these stats:

In 1969, the first season of the Sunday League Hampshire were runners up so one of the better scorers. In their 16 matches, the overall average score by both sides (32 innings) was 135 or just under 3.5 per over.

Compare that average of 135 with last week’s T20 match when Hampshire made ‘only’ 143 but managed to win. Hampshire played 14 T20 matches this season and in just three did neither side reach 150, while in ten matches both sides passed 150 and in one both sides passed 200. The average score in Hampshire’s 14 T20 matches (28 inns) in 2015 was 165 – 30 more than in 1969 in half as many overs. In 40 overs in 1969 there were just two scores above 200 – 211-6 and 201-9.

To date this season – not including Kent v Glams high scorer tonight – the average 50-over Royal London innings is 240, even including Lancs’ 161 and the consequent low winning score of 163 or Northants’ 123.

More? From 1963-1995, Hampshire passed 300 six times in 60 overs matches and their opponents did that three times. In the B&H in 55 overs they passed 300 three times and their opponents twice – so in 33 seasons that’s 14 scores over 300 for and against – however no fewer than six of those nine 300+ scores by Hampshire were against Minor Counties or University sides, so just eight times in Hampshire inter-county matches did one side pass 300. Nonetheless in the first four days of the shorter RL Cup this year, there have already been four 300+ scores (five if Glams get there tonight*).

I can keep digging, but in broad terms there is no doubt that scores and scoring rates in recent years in limited overs matches are higher than they used to be

*PS Tonight: Glamorgan 321-7 beat Kent 317-7 – so Glams are the fifth side to pass 300 this season despite the fact that only six matches have gone the full distance so far because of the weather

The Best?
July 28, 2015, 1:33 pm
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Do you remember I asked about this and told you I’d been asked to nominate Hampshire’s top 25? I imposed the structure of four players from six distinct periods – which is of course artificial. Thanks for the replies – and here are the results. My choices come first alongside the dates and those in bold were chosen by everyone. Quite a few got all but one and there’s a fair amount of consensus. The great XI seems to be Wynyard, Mead, Brown, Marshall R, Marshall M, Shackleton, Smith R, Warne, Richards, Greenidge, Jesty – with Richard Gilliat 12th man although Richard’s 25th choice of Sainsbury gets him in the squad!

Four from each period (24) plus one ‘extra’ (Paul & Alan ‘cheated’ by having an extra four between 1940s-1960s so chose 28!)

19th Century: Russell Bencraft, ‘Teddy’ Wynyard, AJL Hill, RM Poore

Richard: Wynyard, Baldwin, Hill, Heseltine

Paul: A J L Hill, Bencraft, Poore, Wynyard

Alan: Lacey, Wynyard, Poore and Baldwin.

1900-1939: Phil Mead, George Brown, Hon Lionel Tennyson, Alec Kennedy

Richard: Mead, Brown, Newman, Tennyson

Paul: Mead, Brown, Newman, Kennedy

Alan: Mead, Kennedy, Newman, Brown

1950s/1960s: Colin Ingleby-Mackenzie, Peter Sainsbury, Roy Marshall, Derek Shackleton

Richard: Shackleton, Marshall, Gray, Ingleby-Mackenzie

Paul (50s): Shackleton, Knott, Rogers, Gray (60s) Sainsbury, Marshall R, Ingleby-MacKenzie, Horton

Alan (50s) Knott, Rogers, Shackleton, Cannings (60s) Sainsbury, Cottam, White, Marshall R

1970s: Richard Gilliat*, Barry Richards, Gordon Greenidge, Trevor Jesty

Richard: Jesty, Greenidge, Richards, Gilliat

Paul: Richards, Jesty, Greenidge, Turner (or Gilliat*?)

Alan: Richards, Greenidge, Gilliat, Jesty

1980s: Mark Nicholas, Robin Smith, Malcolm Marshall, Paul Terry

Ian: Marshall, R Smith, P Terry, C Smith

Richard: Marshall, R Smith, Connor, Nicholas

James: Marshall, R Smith, P Terry, C Smith

Paul: Smith R, Marshall M, Smith C, Terry

Alan: Chris and Robin Smith, Marshall, Nicholas

Recent: Shane Warne, Shaun Udal, ‘Dimi’ Mascarenhas, John Crawley

Ian: Warne, Udal, Mascarenhas, Carberry

Richard: Pothas, Crawley, Warne, Adams

James: Warne, Pothas, Udal, Mascarenhas or Aymes

Paul: Warne, Crawley, Carberry, Mascarenhas

Alan: Warne, Mascarenhas, Crawley, Pothas

25th player: Richard: Sainsbury, Paul: Arnold J, Alan: Ingleby-Mackenzie

Home is where …
July 28, 2015, 7:41 am
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BBC reports that yesterday’s Hampshire “recorded their highest ever home limited overs total of 343-6″.

They didn’t

It was Hampshire’s highest score at the Rose/Ageas Bowl

Their highest home total remains 371-4 v Glamorgan at Northlands Road in 1975 when Gordon Greenidge scored 177.

Interesting to note that yesterday’s 50-overs score was higher than any they managed in all the years of 55 over cricket – another confirmation of changed expectations of winning totals which seemed unaffected yesterday by the changes in fielding restrictions

I was chatting on the radio about the first-ever Cup Final in 1963, in which Sussex beat Worcs in 65 overs. Sussex scored 168 all out in 60.2 and Worcs 154 in 63.2 – that’s a total of 322 runs in 123.4 overs, fewer runs than Hampshire scored yesterday in 50 overs!

Interestingly in the very first (preliminary round) match Lancashire won scoring 304-9 and Peter Marner scored the first century. In the first round Derbyshire scored 250 to beat Hampshire by 6 runs but otherwise in the eight matches, only Sussex (314-7) passed a total of 230 and there were seven all out innings below 200. Similarly two of the four quarter final games had teams setting targets below 150 (both lost) and only Sussex with 292 and Yorkshire replying with 270 approached modern scores. Sussex did it again in the semi final with 292 again, beating Northants by 105 runs but in the other semi final Jack Flavell took 6-14 as Lancashire were dismissed for 59! They lost by 9 wickets

Sussex, having won the cup, met the wonderful West Indian side in a ‘Challenge’ match at Hove. The visitors had just won the Test series 3-1 but Sussex bowled them out for 177 in the 43rd over. Sobers with 64 led a recovery from 9-4 (Thomson and Buss two each) but Dexter (41) led Sussex to another victory – by four wickets. The following year Sussex beat Warwickshire in the next final so they remained unbeaten for the first two years.

July 27, 2015, 8:04 pm
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The Sussex top order threatened, but in the end it was a very convincing victory which means Hampshire are already the only team in Group B to enjoy a 100% record!

So, who was Man-of-the-Match, James Vince or Liam Dawson?

Nice to be asking that question!


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