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No Kyle
August 6, 2020, 7:01 pm
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(Thanks to James for the alert) from the BBC:

Former South Africa Test seamer Kyle Abbott will miss the rest of Hampshire’s 2020 season because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Abbott’s availability was hampered by the restrictions placed on visitors who do not permanently live in the UK. Visa delays and quarantine protocols were among the challenges faced.

The 33-year-old paceman, will return to the Ageas Bowl as an overseas player in 2021.

Bob’s Book
August 6, 2020, 10:06 am
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Bob Willis: A Cricketer and a Gentleman has been published by Hodder & Stoughton and Mike Atherton has done a very nice piece about it in today’s Times. I’ve learned for the first time that he died from Prostate Cancer and all the profits from the book will go specifically “to improve testing and screening so that early diagnosis can be made”.

Apparently Bob’s family have a history of Prostate Cancer yet it appears his PSA score looked OK and so his diagnosis came too late – the cancer had spread to his bones.

Some (most?) of you will know that I spent last winter being treated for Prostate Cancer – I first learned about mine through a ‘phone call on a perfect sunny afternoon at Newclose (below) as Hampshire closed in on a win over Nottinghamshire last season.  I had no significant symptoms other than an enlarged prostate (common in old blokes) which I’d had for at least 10 years. Last year I had a routine blood test and everything started from there.

But unlike Bob, who was almost the same age as me, they caught me in time, it hadn’t spread and after various treatments (mostly radiotherapy) and small outpatient procedures I was given the ‘all clear’ around what should have been the start of this season. The point is simple men (and wives/partners tell them) – if you have any reason to suppose there’s a problem or even if you are of a certain age GET CHECKED! Don’t avoid it because of Covid or anxiety or anything else. GET CHECKED!

And please buy the book to help others – Atherton says it’s “a gem”.


The First XI
August 5, 2020, 2:59 pm
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This is the eleventh consecutive day of Test cricket in Manchester and every day has been at best grey and overcast with a good few being wet as well. Everyone knows that Manchester is a dodgy venue but this season is really hammering home the point. In the first 100 years of Test cricket (from 1877) three Tests were abandoned without a ball bowled, one in Australia and two in Manchester!

The ECB should rebuild Newclose with a ‘Bubble’ secure Hotel environment and move all international cricket to the beautiful Isle of Wight!

Cricket To Watch
August 5, 2020, 11:21 am
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Hampshire Academy

Tomorrow (6 August) 10.30 start v Somerset Academy at Bashley CC

Saturday (8 August) 12.30 start v Sarisbury at Sarisbury CC (Southern League)

Wednesday/Thursday (12-13 August) v Surrey Academy at LSE**

Saturday (15 August) 12.30 start v St Cross 2nd XI at St Cross

**Probably not the London School of Economics(?). No time specified

The Real Thing
August 4, 2020, 5:28 pm
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John Cottrell has been out watching club cricket in the county over the weekend and has sent some delightful shots – thanks John – the text is his too, but surely the last one should be six and out?

First two at Calmore Sports v Bournemouth in Southern League Cup.  All players changed outside:
Last two at Easton & Martyr Worthy v Overton in National Village Cup.
Treasure (ball) hunting was included:

Same Again
August 4, 2020, 1:38 pm
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Last season Hampshire lost the services of Liam Dawson so that he could watch the England World Cup matches. Now the same thing has happened in the Ireland series. They’re 2-0 up with one to play against a weak international side, but he can’t get a game. Surely it would have been better for him (and Hampshire) had he been at Hove?

PS James Vince caught behind for 16. Who’d have thought it? The other big surprise is that at the Ageas Bowl, Reece Topley is unfit and out of the XI

August 4, 2020, 10:52 am
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Some of you might spot this excellent contribution from Tigger (Miles not James) in a Comment below but it warrants a post of its own

Hampshire all out twice v Sussex with one (highest) score of just 30. When was it that no Hampshire batsman passed 30 in a first-class two innings match previously? OK, here’s Tigger (thank you)

“My database only contains individual scores for the last few seasons, maybe something for me to do during the winter! However, I have found the last time this happened, in fact it was worse. In 1983 against The New Zealanders, Jesty top scored in the 1st innings with 29 and top score in 2nd innings was 24 by Jesty, Pocock and Tremlett.

If you go back just one more season to 1982 against Notts. Nicholas top scored in first innings with 21. In the 2nd Marshall top scored with 17. Only three Hampshire players got to double figures in the match, the other being Jesty. Maybe things aren’t quite as bad!!”

PS I looked it up – Hadlee 7-25 in the first innings, Hendrick 5-21 in the second – Hampshire all out for 70 & 56. In the first innings they were 68-5, so lost the last five wickets for two runs. Mitigating circumstance? Greenidge retired hurt in the first innings and batted at five in the second – so they didn’t actually lose 20 wickets.

PPS The New Zealanders won that match by nine wickets, Hadlee didn’t play – the odd thing is that nobody took more than three wickets in either innings, it was a team effort.

To Bowl or Not?
August 4, 2020, 8:42 am
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Will Hampshire play their T20 matches at the Ageas Bowl this year? It seems to hinge on whether the Australians come in September for a white-ball series. Here’s an extract from a site called Cricket Country this morning:

“There’s still no clarity over whether Australia will tour England for a white-ball series early September. Australia had already postponed their ODI tour of Zimbabwe which was to get underway from last Sunday. Several international series have either been postponed or cancelled in wake of the coronavirus pandemic”.

Leave ’em laughing
August 4, 2020, 6:52 am
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The media centre at Hove is at the sea end, in what is the revamped former Gilligan Stand. The whole white building functions as a static sightscreen and there is a roof terrace where many seats have the names of members who have bought and reserved them. Normally they would sit there throughout matches, we hope observing the instruction not to move during overs – especially when the bowling is from ‘their’ end.

During the match the few journalists – Ivo Tennant and the Agency guys – often sat there in the sun with notebooks poised and I would join them from time-to-time when not on air.

After tea yesterday, I was there on my own to watch the last rites and even took a selfie to mark this historic event with Carson bowling in the background from the northern end. Then I sat down to watch Robinson bowling from the sea end to Barker, but there seemed to be a problem. Suddenly Ian Gould turned round and shouted something to the effect of “Would the only spectator please move from behind the arm!” So I moved, Barker took a single and shortly after Robinson did for Dale.

Here, then, is the end of the match from a shot On the Roof.

The End

August 3, 2020, 7:10 pm
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This will of course seem barmy but here are the Bob Willis Trophy career batting averages for the players in the match. After the first two they are grouped in the 20s; 10s and single figures – HAMPSHIRE in BOLD & UPPER CASE, and *signifies one not out innings

Phil Salt 74.00 & George Garton 67.00*

Keith BARKER 29.00*; Tom ALSOP 24.00; James FULLER 22.00

Lewis McMANUS 19.00; Tom Haines 17.00; Ollie Robinson 17.00; Harry CAME 15.5; Ian HOLLAND 13.00; Henry Crocombe 13.00*; Ben Brown 12.5; Sam NORTHEAST 11.5; Felix ORGAN 11.5; Joe WEATHERLEY 10.5

Mitch Claydon 9.5; Harry Finch 9.00; Tom Clark 3.00; Jack Carson 2.5; Ajeet DALE 0.5*; Mason CRANE 0.00

The obvious point is that two Sussex men in three innings were, in the context,  outstanding, although Salt was dropped on 20 and went on to 80 – one of six drops by Hampshire.

Other than that our batsmen were as good as theirs – better in the cases of Finch and Clark down among the dead men. But we had nobody, not one batsman, able to play a long, ‘heavy runs’ innings like they did. Salt scored 148 runs for twice out – Hampshire managed 153 & 150 – both for 10.

Vince and Dawson** can both do that but so can Northeast, and it’s time for Weatherly (fifth season, average 23.5) and Alsop (seventh season average 26.1) to do it more consistently – maybe Holland too (fourth season, average 25). No blame on Came who will have got some good experience at least, in a season with no 2nd XI cricket.

**PS Just noticed in The Times that England’s white ball squad players are only being released for the next two BWT rounds – for us then, at Middx, then the first at Arundel. Then presumably they return to play against Pakistan? Maybe the Aussies too.