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OK, How About This?
July 27, 2013, 8:01 pm
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In the T20, Hampshire are guaranteed at least second place and only some very odd events will lead to them being ‘below’ either of the two other second placed sides. If that’s right then presumably it means a HOME quarter final as the best placed runners up
This came about today following a fairly remarkable win by Worcs over Somerset so that Somerset can only get 12 points now.
Hampshire have 13 points already and in the West group no side can reach second place with 13 points
In the North division, the top two sides Lancs and Notts both have 12 points with one to play so theoretically could both reach 14 points EXCEPT that they play each other tomorrow – so they can’t
The only potential hiccup I can see is that tomorrow’s game ends as a TIE or is ABANDONED so that whichever side finishes second has 13 points and then Hampshire lose both matches and also finish with 13 points and an inferior Run-Rate
Of the three sides, Notts have the best Run-Rate, while Hampshire and Lancs are almost the same so if they both take one point tomorrow I think Hampshire WILL need a point from somewhere to secure best second place and a home tie

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I made yet another mistake in the original of this yesterday. I’ve got two big projects coming to their final stages and I think my head is buzzing with too much stuff (not all cricket) so please keep your eye on me and send in any corrections. I have amended the original now so if you missed my ‘goof’, don’t worry.

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