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September 29, 2017, 7:27 am
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I’m sure you all know that this has been a most odd season for me, and yesterday was a rather odd finish. Mrs A & I are in a St Ives (Cornwall version) so I spent it wandering around bays, beaches and galleries checking my phone every two minutes. Eventually I gave up, went back to the hotel and listened to the final 90 mins on the radio. It was longer than any football match.

I guess then, despite what has passed this 12 months, and despite my fears confirmed about the structure of the season I still care – of course I do. Even the Blog became traumatic at one point so might I end the season by thanking all of you for ensuring that I hung in there and sorted things out. I enjoy the blog and I value the interesting, often humorous and informed comments which even when critical (who me?) are done in a friendly way – unlike as I understand it, many other ‘virtual’ sites.

I do plan for us to have a little inquest of our own, and then I’ll get going on the players’ histories but for today, one last day way out west for me, with my thanks and best wishes to you all. I’m hoping to return a bit more next year to see us win that third Championship … (!)

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Dave, it is good to hear that that your blog will continue. Living as I do in Hong Kong for most of the year, it is the best source of news on the cricket club I love best.

Comment by Ian Laidlaw

I echo Ian’s thoughts (although only from as far away as Surrey). This blog is a never-ending source of information and interesting views and it is Dave primarily we have to thank for this.

Cheers Dave!

Comment by James

Dave, I have really enjoyed the blog this year and thank you for persisting with it. Winter well!

Comment by moggahooller

Well done Dave, hopefully catch season.

Comment by Paul

Catch up next season.

Comment by Paul

This is on the beeb

Comment by Paul

Aggers looking at the domestic set up and England’s batting woes.

Comment by Paul

Thank you Dave once again, for keeping our virtual community connected.

Comment by Hedgehog

I see the Chief Executive is quoted as saying ….

“The table doesn’t lie. Enough is enough,”
“This year just isn’t good enough. This club has been down and out for a long time now in four-day cricket.
“We need to make some wholesale changes in terms of how we operate, and the person we bring in.”
“If you look back on the four-day season – which in many ways is your health check as a club – it has been riddled with disappointment.
“The message is loud and clear. It has been hugely disappointing and demoralising and we need to bring some pride into performances at this club.
“You start every season with optimism and hope for and expect the best, but we have been saying that for two or three years and it hasn’t worked. Optimism just isn’t enough.”

At last someone in authority standing up and saying it as it is.

Shame it’s Wasim Khan of Leicestershire.

Comment by James

Think he has said similar before though and not much has changed for them despite changes of coach and personnel.

Anyway thanks to all especially Dave.

Comment by Ian

Thanks for keeping the blog going Dave. I agree with all the other bloggers from a little further away in Essex. Their supporters will be unbearable after winning the Championship but all credit to them, especially as they achieved it with 9 local players. A lesson to be learnt there perhaps but I wouldn’t put money on it!

It was good to see you again, albeit briefly, at the ‘Old Player’s Day’ match at the Bowl. Hope you and Mrs A have a good time in St Ives.

Comment by Dave Wilson

Thanks all for these comments. We had a real thriller of a day yesterday to end the county season and tonight at the Bowl, England seem to be on course for victory – but it’s not too thrilling I guess?

Comment by Dave Allen

Let me reiterate what everyone has said – the blog is great! That Wasim Khan quote, for example, perhaps would have passed me by…

Looking forward to the post-mortem, but here’s something I wrote yesterday:

In 2016 someone who goes to Sussex when we’re not at home could have had 14 matches, our 8 at home, and 6 Sussex games when we were away, or off.

This year that has been only 10, one being the useless D/N experiment (both of us were at home – had we been away and Sussex at home it’d’ve been even worse at 9 if you would be unlikely to want to be in Hove at 10pm).

When it looked like we were going to be relegated, I wondered how being in the same division might impact the quantity on offer next year (we know about the inferior quality at a higher price!).

The good news is it seems like this year we might (emphasis) have been unlucky – for instance Notts and Warwicks are close together, but a member of both (not sure they have a reciprocal deal) would have got 11 games to pick from.

Comment by Jeremy

I can reiterate what everyone has said. I enjoy the blog and go on it every day. Hope to see you next season Dave.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Cheers Tigger and many thanks for the magnificent stats

Comment by Dave Allen

Seconded. Well done Tigger!

Comment by James

In Somerset, on my way home, noticing that just one ‘major’ football match has been postponed today with a wet pitch – at Eastleigh. Is there something I should know? (Wellies maybe?)

Comment by Dave Allen

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