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He’s Gone
February 23, 2018, 6:51 pm
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Bailey that is. I think everyone knew, but they announced it officially today, as well as ‘unveiling’ Sam Northeast who says we can win the Championship. If we do, I’ll treat James to supper in Beefy’s (you saw it here first).

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& now I get to see a Hampshire player after all……..captaining the South team 🇧🇧

Comment by joster69

If we win the Championship, i’ll join you as will many other bloggers. Optimism, is a wonderful thing until realism sets in.

Comment by Tigger Miles

That’d be fun Tigger! Late September, Bloggers take over Beefy’s to celebrate the third County Championship title.

Comment by pompeypop

I’ll start saving now!

Comment by John West

I’m going to hold Dave to that offer and I notice it doesn’t have a time limit!

Comment by James

It’s a deal! 2025?

Comment by pompeypop

Fair enough but I’m not sure the Championship will last that long!

Comment by James

CRICINFO have an interesting article by Mark Nicholas. I would vote for Mark to go onto the ECB Board!


Comment by John West

Quite agree, what we really need on the ECB is a greater presence of those with a true love of cricket rather than money.
Meantime if you really want to ruin your day the Pakistan premier league is on Sky channel 792.
I can recommend the T bone steak.

Comment by John white

I think it’s a pretty fine article, not least in his observations about Rashid and Hales that it’s one more “kick in the guts … for a game that requires the qualities of character and patience they appear unwilling to give it”. But I have one reservation which is that he revisits the idea of chucking some counties out of the Championship, but like most such views, chickens out of naming the ‘deadmen’. I suspect once that starts, it will be like the fixtures – down to 12 say, then a couple of years later down to 10, then eight and suddenly Hampshire have a poor season and they’re out.

Incidentally there’s a rumour that Alex ‘White Ball’ Hales won’t be picked tonight. Hah!

Comment by pompeypop

Pondering on Bailey’s departure, I would have thought that when your captain and overseas player reneges on his contract it would be a major news item on the website. Instead what do we get—a golf quiz in the hotel!!! I regularly look at the Sussex CCC website and nearly every day they have items about, and this may shock you, CRICKET.

Comment by John West

Outrageous! What are they thinking of – they’re only Div 2!

Comment by pompeypop

Indeed. An article naming and shaming our former captain and those responsible for making such a poor signing is long overdue. However I’m not sure there is sufficient room on our cricket website with all the golf, darts, spa and of course Beefys news.

Comment by James

Think we’ll go for Morne Morkel?

Comment by Frustrated

I think we should – we could then have an attack of Edwards (WI), Abbott (SA), Morkel (SA) Wheal (SA/Scotland) and Berg (SA/Italy). If anyone gets injured we can draft in Sole (Scotland). Then we could loan Crane to Sussex.

Comment by pompeypop

I don’t think Morne bats well enough to be a Hampshire seam bowler.

Comment by James

New signing announced on Twitter today at 5pm. Bets on whether he’s english qualified?

Comment by Frustrated

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