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October 24, 2022, 6:59 pm
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Hampshire’s greatest ever XI online – and thanks to Derek Woodhouse for alerting me

I reckon it’s hard to argue but I do disagree with one choice – I’ll let you know. What about you?

(It’s on page 8/9)

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Comment by joster69

Many thanks Jo. Interesting opening: “Following widescale discussion during multiple Members’ Forums” – the world of the Members’ Clubs! It’s a very encouraging response and I hope many more are similar. I wonder whether Hampshire have responded and whether we will ever know?

Comment by Dave Allen

Surrey held the second of their meetings tonight. Comments in favour of more 100 double headers to take days out of the schedule, strong on 14CC and maybe open to fewer Blast games. Agreement by 12 counties on any reductions seems likely to be difficult and as the Chair pointed out may not be possible.

Comment by stephenfh

My immediate reaction was that I would not have Roy Marshall as captain. Shane Warne would be the obvious choice for me. The only player selected which I wondered about was Llewellyn. Do we need two wrist spinners in the side playing county cricket in England? I would have Peter Sainsbury at 7 with Nick Pothas at 6.

Comment by Ian Laidlaw

And that (the captain) was my immediate reaction too, Ian – Warne of course, sadly Roy was as dull and unenterprising as a captain as he was thrilling as a batter. The problem with selecting two spinners (good point) is that Llewellyn played on very different pitches from those of the 21st century. (Sainsbury would add to some good fielders and one or two rather less so!)

Comment by Dave Allen

It certainly is a cracking team. Whilst Greenidge at three would be an unwelcome sight for fielding sides, I can’t help feeling three openers is a breach of the unwritten rules of these exercises!! Did he ever there in his career?

Comment by Alex McKinlay

Without checking, I doubt it Alex. In fact once Richards arrived (1968) Marshall mostly dropped to number four while Reed, then Greenidge (or Lewis) opened so I would alter his batting order.

Comment by Dave Allen

Can’t offer too much comment (due to my age!)

However I remember when the Cricketer (in 2021 season) did something similar, I emailed you and Kevan on comms and said if Vince won the title as captain would be get into the all-time XI and I think you said yes!

How close is Abbott would you say?

Comment by Tom Johnson

I would include Abbott in a 2nd XI, which just shows the quality of Marshall and Roberts. But for penetrative and accurate bowling would it be heresy to suggest Mo Abbas could challenge Shack?

Comment by Ian White

I think Abbott is very close and in some ways a more significant HAMPSHIRE player than Roberts although the latter was simply awesome in 1974 (his first year). Assuming the two openers to be impregnable, I wouldn’t put Vince ahead of Mead or Smith and difficult to compare with Marshall who mostly batted on uncovered pitches in the days when England’s best played county cricket. I’ve said more than once that I think Mo Abbas is the closest I’ve ever seen at Hampshire to Shackleton – but I couldn’t possibly leave ‘Shack’ out!

Comment by Dave Allen

PS ‘Young’ Tom – you can certainly join in with a best White Ball or T20 XI and Vince would be in that I think.

Comment by Dave Allen

I would echo the views that Warne should be captain (he would be captain of any side he was in as far as I am concerned) and would have Sainsbury for Llewellyn.

Whilst obviously subject to opinion I can’t imagine any other county’s greatest ever XI being easier to select.

Whether that is a good or bad thing is of course another matter!

Comment by James

I tend to find it more fun to pick a best Hampshire XI against specific criteria such as English-born; Hampshire-born or maybe simply played first for Hampshire (so for example, Greenidge is in, Richards is out). I once picked a best four XIs by Hampshire regions (Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth/New Forest and Winchester/north). That would be fun to update.

Comment by Dave Allen

Appreciate how little he played and also the need to park rather a lot of baggage, but I was lucky enough to see Kevin Pietersen give a very elevated performance at Lord’s just prior to the Ashes in 2005. I would bracket his batting talent with Richards and Greenidge.

Comment by stephenfh

I’d agree with that too. I guess if we are including players who only spent a small amount of their careers at Hampshire, David Gower would be worth a mention too.

Comment by Alex McKinlay

It gets complicated doesn’t it? We might for example suggest Matthew Hayden ahead of Roy Marshall.

Comment by Dave Allen

Pietersen undoubtedly had talent but he had a massive negative impact in the dressing rooms of almost all the teams he played for. In addition he only played 7 Championship games for us with an average less than that of Crawley, McKenzie and Katich of his era who gave us far greater service (acknowledgement to Tigger’s excellent stats site).

If you were to look at a potential selection in the “international class but with only a handful of Hampshire appearances” I’d put Hashim Amla well ahead of Pietersen.

Comment by James

I wouldn’t pick Pietersen to wash up – he’s one of the few cricketers I’ve seen at close quarters about whom I’m unable to be rational or objective! I will add though his record in one semi final and two finals for us – his big Hampshire white ball games – was negligible: around 30 runs (?) in three innings.

Comment by Dave Allen

Personally I thought Pietersen’s best final appearance for us was in the 2009 Friends Provident Trophy at Lord’s when after loudly and publicly making himself available for us (well Lord’s was much closer to his London home so that “worked”) he sat in his civvies on the balcony watching Chris Benham who had kept his place score the winning runs as the Hampshire faithful sang “We don’t need you Pietersen”.

Happy days!

Comment by James

One name who hasn’t come up is Alec Kennedy. 2000+ wickets for Hants, in the all-time top ten First Class wicket takers

I’d pick him instead of Llewellyn. Shackleton & Kennedy could bowl all day (so could Warne and Marshall actually) leaving Roberts for relatively short spells. Understandably perhaps he was over bowled at Hampshire

Kennedy, Marshall & Warne could be relied on for some runs

Agree Warne as captain. Richards & Greenidge must open with Marshall R at three surely

Not many counties will have a bowling attack like that – two genuine contenders for an all-time world xi, two in the top ten of FC wickets – and Andy Roberts!

Comment by Keith Fray

I think I agree with Kennedy rather than Llewellyn, Keith – and he is almost local, having lived in Southampton from a very young age.

Comment by Dave Allen

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