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November 22, 2022, 7:30 am
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Liam took a wicket in the ‘series too far’. I’m almost more interested in the World Cup (which World Cup? The football – no sorry, The Men’s Football)

Looks like England are going down 0-3, maybe James will play another good innings as he did in the last losing cause. I’m not sure what’s up next for England, maybe six months in India starting next week?

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Team Burnout inevitable. Too much cheesecake too soon – As Bryan Ferry once warbled, Learn from your mistakes is my only advice… but it appears that it is impossible to heed this where sport money is concerned.

Comment by Bill Seager

I agree Bill. Liam to the rescue?!!

Comment by Dave Allen

Mind you with six down he’s still not in – I hope he’s not injured.

Comment by Dave Allen

There is a Pakistan test series starting on the 1st December, first warm up game is at 0600 gmt tomorrow vs England lions. So 33 (at least, might be more as it’s a warm up game) players will have represented England within a 24 hour span.

Comment by Michael S

Thanks Michael – it just goes on-and-on. Any Hampshire players going to Pakistan?


Comment by Dave Allen

Doesn’t look like any in either the test team or lions team. But Vince, Dawson, James Fuller and Benny Howell are on the squad lists for the illustrious Any Dhabi T10 tournament starting tomorrow too

Comment by Michael S

That’s great news Michael, thanks. I’m really looking forward to that competition!!!

Comment by Dave Allen

James Vince is keeping wicket for Team Abu Dhabi, yet another string to his bow!

Comment by John L

T10, that was called a beer match in my day. Do all fielders have to bowl an over each? How long till we have a T5!!

Comment by Tigger Miles

This reminds of our conversation Dave about leg spinners needing to bat in order to get more chances at county level.

Rehan Ahmed got a 100 for Leics at the end of the season and he’s getting a test chance… coincidence? He seems to have leapfrogged Parkinson & Crane.


Comment by Tom Johnson

Good point Tom – mind you I’ve probably leapfrogged Mason (or maybe you)!!

Comment by Dave Allen

There again, 8-0-73-0 – clearly rubbish! Meanwhile what’s all this stuff about a double-header to launch the T20 next year? Why have the ECB announced one day of two fixtures in the Northern Group and nothing else?

Comment by Dave Allen

If I heard correctly, today is Shack Friday.

Comment by dmashala

It seems Strauss might have actually achieved something – uniting the counties against his proposals. However as long as we have Rob Key (a man who apparently believes the Horrendous Hundred will save the Championship) in position then cricket has a very uncertain future in this country.

Comment by James


Well, well, well!

Comment by Paul

Potentially dangerous having a third party authorised to run a cricket tournament in England. It would be hard for the Counties to restrain such a body, in the way they’ve apparently managed with the ECB

Comment by dmashala

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